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Making your phonebook smarter

The phonebook is a critical tool for billions of people who use it on a daily basis - but despite all of today’s advance technology, little has been done to make the mobile experience more intelligent, relevant and personal.

Over a hundred million users have replaced their old phonebook with Truecaller. Truecaller will completely transform your mobile phonebook experience with a smarter set of features that will improve your daily life. This has been a natural evolution in how people have been using the app.

We started off as an app to identify unknown numbers and block spam calls. Many people do not bother saving phone numbers anymore because they rely on the ability of Truecaller to find the right contact information, and identify the name behind a number, regardless of it being saved into their phone. We want to make this a more simplified and streamlined process so you have all the current information on people and businesses you need without ever having to leave the app.

Backed by some of the world's most prominent investors

Engineers at heart

We are all engineers – gears from different parts spinning together to make one machine.

The True story

Remember the days of phonebooks? Where every number was listed in the white pages, and people could easily connect with others? The mobile environment changed the concept of phonebooks, making it more difficult to identify unknown callers and reconnect with those whose information you've misplaced. Truecaller was born out of this basic human need to get accurate access to information on those you want to contact, as well as information on sources you want to avoid, so you can always connect with who you want, when you want, and block yourself from unwanted calls.

Here's how the idea got started...

In 2009, Alan Mamedi and Nami Zarringhalam wanted a better solution to look up phone numbers for the missed calls they received from family members living abroad. With this problem in mind Alan and Nami created Truecaller, which first lived on an online forum. Amazingly, they saw 10,000 downloads of their app within a week (This was before App Stores existed and downloading apps to your phone was a major hassle!)

By 2010, the Truecaller app had gained a strong enough user base that Alan and Nami had an opportunity to quit their day jobs and focus on Truecaller full time.

They originally thought of connecting all white and yellow pages around the world. But as Nami and Alan researched the market, they soon discovered that many directories provided poor results. For example, White Pages in America could not find numbers to mobile phones since operators do not share that information. Additionally, large markets such as India had no existing public directories.

With poor, if any, public directories to build from, along with the vast amount of pre-paid phones, the depth of the problem became obvious. Today, Truecaller has stayed true to its early vision of making it easier for people all over the world to get in contact with each other.

Board of directors

Alan Mamedi
Stefan Lennhammer
Chairman of the board
Nami Zarringhalam
John Doerr
Jerry Murdock
Mattias Ljungman
Shailesh Lakhani

Management team

Alan Mamedi
CEO & co-founder
Nami Zarringhalam
CSO & co-founder
Umut Alp
Anna Fredrixon
Ted Nelson
Anna Nilsson

Global team

Kari Krishnamurthy
VP Growth
Asia, Middle East, Africa
Hermano Cintra
VP Growth
Latin America