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Brand Ambassadors

What do we do? The student Truecrew Ambassador Program is a 6-month program for selected Truecaller users who volunteer their knowledge, time and social media expertise to show others how Truecaller can help in everyone's daily lives. Our official ambassadors embark on a journey with Truecaller to help heighten their skill sets, learn about technology, and what it is like to be part of a fast-paced team.

Truecrew student ambassadors are here to teach, share and help customers get more out of Truecaller. All we ask of the Truecrew is that you pledge to share your passion for our app! Stay active within the community, and participate in social media and our beta tests!


Our Ambassadors


Ali Hilu


Ali is an urban photographer, and social media expert in Jordan. He is excited to take his love of being social, and technology to new heights with Truecaller!

Alyssa Rempe

Seattle, United States

Alyssa is traveling the world with her company Aroma Ventures. She uses Truecaller to keep tabs on who calls her from the different countries she visits.

Avishka Mendis

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Avishka loves performing on stage, experiencing different cultures, and writing food articles for his ‘Badagini’ blog. He uses Truecaller to help spread awareness about anti-spam calls.

Bashir K. Osman


Bashir aims to help make Truecaller the absolute best phonebook app!

Faisal AL-Nimry

Amman, Jordan

A passionate candidate who believes in changing life to a brighter future.

Feras Husni

Saudi Arabia

Feras is located in Saudi Arabia, and loves using Truecaller to figure out who is calling him!

Hadeel Shehadeh


Find and Follow Hadeel on:
Facebook: /HadeelN
Twitter : @HadeelNourddin
Instagram: @HadeelNourddin

Hamza Alibhoy

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Hamza, aka the ‘social media dude,’ works with a plethora of companies helping socialize their business online. He uses Truecaller to help spread awareness about anti-spam calls.

Hani Ezz

Cairo, Egypt

Hani has a unique combination of online/offline marketing strategies. Hani is the perfect example of a social butterfly who uses Truecaller to stay on top of the game!

Idris Bhavnagarwala

Gujarat, India

Idris is a blogger and internet marketer from India. He is a tech enthusiast and a person who is deeply interested in astrophysics!

Jonathan Merrill

Seattle, United States

Professional backpacker and travel chef, Jon is CEO of Aroma Ventures, a web-series based on subscription based culinary travel adventures!

Juzer Kaed

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Juzer is a social media enthusiast, loves cricket, and blogs about food in Sri Lanka! His big heart is shared by the charity events, where he represents Truecaller!

Mahmoud AL-Qadah


Holding a marketing degree from Amman Al-Ahlyi University, Social Media Guru and a Young Jordanian Entrepreneur Big Fan of American Muscles and Barcelona FCB Team

Mohit Badaya

Jaipur, India

A blogger, student and a gadgets lover. Loves to help people and wants to be the a successful Entrepreneur in the world. And also a big lover of Truecaller

Robert Kimutai


Robert is a techie enthusiast, a system analyst extraordinaire, loves playing & watching football. He spreads the Truecaller word in social events as a technopreneur.

Ryan Leslie


Ryan Leslie is a musician, filmmaker, and entrepreneur. He uses Truecaller to keep tabs on the hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide who have his direct mobile number: +1-915-600-6978

Shady Atef

Cairo, Egypt

Smartphones made our life easier, and I think Truecaller is one of the greatest apps. As an ambassador, I will help in improvement the app, and be there for Truecaller users!

Sharbel Faraj


Sharbel is a social media expert and blogger, into journalism and social activism too. From the heart of Lebanon, he is doing his best to improve the Truecaller community!

Valeria Russo

Naples, Italy

Valeria had always interest in computers and electronics. She is an ambitious and dynamic woman always looking for new challenges. Now she is attending the Computer Eng. Faculty with the dream of opening a start-up in Australia.