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Restaurant Reservations Made Easy

Guest blog by Indian Brand Ambassador, Sibi Mustafa from Kollam, Kerala in India.

Restaurant Reservations Made Easy with Truecaller


One day, when I was working late in the office, I thought about ordering dinner. I called a local restaurant in Trivandrum, and the reservation staff answered the phone and asked, “Hello Mr. Sibi! How may I help you?”

I was shocked. This caught my attention, and I asked the guy how he knew my name? He replied that they are using Truecaller on their restaurant line to identify each customer’s name in order to provide quicker booking times for reservations, and also increase their quality of service. I proceeded with my dinner order, and before hanging up the phone, the restaurant guy told me “Sibi, you can now order food by just a text message, as Truecaller helps us know who our regulars are through text message too!”

Truecaller is truly a great customer service tool for any local business.

Like Sibi's post? Stay tuned for other ways people use Truecaller from his hometown in Kerala, India.
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India Trip In a Nutshell

Being back in our headquarters in Stockholm has allowed us to reflect from our trip to India this past week. Here is what we learned:

  • India is an amazing country full of sincere and respectful people.
  • The food is 100% more spicy than Swedish food; but a real treat!
  • Our Indian users showed us so much love and gave us inspiration to take back with us to headquarters

We were able to meetup with some users and entrepreneurs at TechSparks in Bangalore, and had the pleasure of chatting about the Indian startup eco-system.

Overall, India is a country we will be seeing much more of in the future. Our team cannot wait to meet more of our users and hear their stories. Thank you India for the amazing week and encouraging feedback to make Truecaller a stronger app in everyone’s lives.

Image Image Image Image Image

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Truecrew Ambassador Meetup!

Our brand ambassador program is named ‘Truecrew,’ and there are currently 18 global brand ambassadors that are part of our crew. Ranging from North America, to the Middle East, hitting Europe, grazing through Africa, and straight on to India. Our Truecrew ambassadors are teachers of Truecaller and role models in their communities.

Our visit to India would not be complete unless we met with our three Indian brand ambassadors!


What does being a Truecaller brand ambassador in India mean to you?
“It was a pleasure meeting and interacting with Truecaller’s team members from Sweden- Kim and Ted, India’s country head Kari, and Indian co-ambassadors Kanul and Anshika. I feel proud and privileged to be an official ambassador of a company that’s emerging as the next big thing in the telecom space.” Deepak Jain, Truecaller’s first brand ambassador and founder of Mobile Gyaan.

If you are interested in applying to become part of the Truecrew, please visit our ambassador section on our website:

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Headin’ Down to Bangalore for TechSparks 2013


What do you get when you mix tech innovation with lightning? TechSparks! Yes, Truecaller is headed down to India once again this autumn. This time, they will be hanging out in Bangalore accompanied by some of India’s most fascinating startups at TechSparks 2013.

If you are in Bangalore this Saturday, October 5th, we want to meet you! Please reach out to our marketing manager, for more information.

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Founders meetup with Indian users


At the beginning of the week, our founders Nami and Alan traveled to India for the first time.

“We went to Delhi and Mumbai, and truly experienced Indian culture. The people we met were warm hearted, hospitable, and had a great love for their country,” said our co-founder Nami.

During their time in India, the duo took the time to meet up with some users to discuss Truecaller. Alan, our CEO, explained the importance of taking time to meet the people who use Truecaller, and of course, for the users to meet the people behind the app. It was also very humbling and exciting to the founders when they realized how many people recognized their Truecaller t-shirts or stickers on their suitcases.

“Traveling to India was a trip we will never forget and look forward to visiting again and again.”

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Staff Spotlight: Hello, Tanu!


Tanu has been living in Stockholm for the last three years. She is our first Indian to join the Truecaller Team in Stockholm!

What's your job title?
Senior tester

What do you do for fun?
Try out new things which I haven't done yet in my life.

Where are you from?
Jaipur, India; the pink city with rich culture and heritage.

What languages do you speak?
Hindi, English och lite Svenska :)

Why did you choose to work at Truecaller?
First, this app appealed to me and after joining, I found it to be a very cool company (be it office environment or people), which justifies that we are made for each other!

Truecaller is very popular in India. How does it feel to be Truecaller's first Indian recruit at HQ?
I feel proud to be the first one, and hope that I will be helpful to Truecaller to understand my country's people and their expectations so that we can serve them not just better, but more excellent!

I'm known for...
Fun loving, social, amateur photographer, blogger and critical tester by birth!

Favorite vacation spot:
Indian home, Maldives, Europe, but will love to spend time anywhere in the world if family and friends are accompanied.

My current project at Truecaller:
I am responsible for planning, developing, deploying, and managing testing effort for Truecaller.

My greatest achievement:
To be blessed with an almost perfect husband and an adorable daughter.

I truly respect...
Kind and honest people who care about others too.

Where I'd like to be 10 years from now:
I would be wandering the place on Earth that is left where I haven't traveled yet :)

What I am currently addicted to..
To my daughter's sweet talks, photography, and DIY projects for home decor.

Can't do without
My phone, friends and family, and without talking.

My secret ambition:
To be part of an organization which helps helpless victims of different crimes.

My favorite song:
I love music and there is a long list to write down here. But I love Hindi classics the most :)

My hidden talent:
You will get to know with the course of time... ;)

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NDTV Gadgets Nominate Truecaller


Each year, NDTV Gadgets hosts India's biggest and most credible technology awards show called the Gadget Guru Awards. This year, Truecaller was nominated by loyal fans for the category of 'Best App of the Year.' Among the nominees were WhatsApp, Google Maps, Google Now, Paytm and the winner, Zomato.

We were up against some very impressive nominees, and for us, just being nominated was inspiring for the Truecaller Team. We would like to thank, NDTV Gadgets and our 20 million global users for the never-ending encouragement to make Truecaller be one of the best apps.

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Truecaller Goes on World Tour - First Stop India

Truecaller is a global mobile phonebook and since we are used all over the world, we have insight into the mobile industry all over the world. Over the next six weeks, we will be taking you on a tour of some of the globe?s most interesting mobile markets. This week, we start with India. Truecaller In India By The Numbers: +500.000 number searches per day +640.000 numbers of spam numbers are reported to Truecaller?s Call Filter Losing one?s mobile phone is a scary thought for most people. It?s not just a loss of an apparatus that is scary, but also being deprived of potentially crucial information with regard to both one?s personal life and work. Plus it?s a loss of a vital tool for everyday communication. In India, this fear of losing a mobile phone is well founded. Surveys have concluded that half of all Indian mobile users have been victims of loss or theft of their mobile phone. In a fast-growing mobile market like India, where several million new numbers are added each month and many of these phones end up stolen, it is close to impossible for conventional number directories to be up to date, especially because most users have prepaid subscriptions that is not accessible in any official listings. It can be chaos and is only growing worse. Rajiv, a 41-year-old businessman from Mumbai told us, ?in just little over two weeks, I?ve received ten calls from one of my company subtractors, each time from a new unique number. It?s really hard keeping up with his pace of changing numbers!? Speaking of changing numbers, here are some more facts about India: Indian mobile subscribers expected to surpass 1 billion very soon. The amount of telephone subscriptions is growing at an enormous pace, with a monthly addition of approximately 20 million numbers! Over the last couple of years, wireless has overtaken wirelines. The share of wireless phones has increased from 46.54% in 2004 to 95.54% in December, 2011. That?s a whole lot of phones to keep track of. Truecaller can help, thanks to its user-generated database. Truecaller provides the most accurate search function among any available apps in India. Since the accessibility of telecommunication is rapidly growing and will continue to increase in India, especially in rural sectors (to put it in perspective, more households have mobile phones than have indoor toilets), Truecaller is a powerful tool to keep up. Another problem for the Indian mobile market is spam. It is estimated that about 100 million spam text messages are sent every single day in the mobile systems in India, which is a lot of cost, a lot of wasted time and wasted storage. Truecallers helps users instantly identify potentially harmful and intrusive sales numbers in their everyday phone traffic via our spam filter. All together, the biggest challenges in the Indian mobile market are challenges of size and a lack of consistency. Numbers are always changing while the amount of users is growing. Mobile users need something to help them keep up and organize the chaos. Truecaller is here to help.

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NEW RELEASE! Truecaller 2.55 makes your Nokia smartphone even smarter

Hello world! We have a huge Truecaller fan base and we love you all +1,500,000 times! It´s amazing to see to such a huge usage of Truecaller and it makes us want to continue with this forever and ever. Truecaller 2.55 is now here to serve you when you mostly need it. We´ve covered tons of enhancements and hope you will find it greater than ever:) We made some Symbian3 and Symbian Anna enhancements such as improving the lookup window on calls to adapt the high res. screen. This makes the experience so much greater. Read more about Truecaller at the end of this post. If you have any questions or maybe feature requests, please don´t hesitate to reach us on Twitter (@truecaller), Facebook or our GetSatisfaction page. Thank you all for using Truecaller! Stay tuned for more upcoming news on our Truecaller blog.   How to get Truecaller? a. Visit from your phones´browser and follow the instructions b. If you already have Truecaller - Open Truecaller, press Options, press Check for Updates. Follow the instructions c. You may also find Truecaller on OVI Store but it´s not the latest version but you can always follow step B after downloaded Truecaller from OVI Store   What is Truecaller? Truecaller offers a form of Web-enabled caller ID for your smartphone. It enables you to match phone numbers to names, addresses, social networks, and even pictures! The application automatically engages when you receive or place a call to a phone number that?s not already in your address book, searching online for identifying information connected with that number. Within seconds, True Caller displays public information associated with that phone number on the Web, such as the other party?s name, address, region, and country. If available, the display will even include the caller?s picture, and/or most recent status messages from Facebook or Linkedin. True Caller will flag known spam callers for you?and you can add to the spam caller list at the touch of a button, should you have the misfortune of discovering new ones. The enhanced search feature will return name of prepaid phone cards and unlisted phone numbers, as well.

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Number search in US, India and more has been improved

Hi all, Our name and number search in India, US, Sweden and many more countries has been improved a lot and you should see the difference right now:) Thanks for using Truecaller and don´t forget to tell your friends! Found any bugs? Report them to us at info at

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Improvements in number search

Hi all, We have improved a lot of things in the back-end today and we can now give you better information in all countries. What has been improved - Shows you the callers carrier info in US (which operator the number belongs to) - City and state information about the caller is now supported world wide - Finland is supported - 4 more cities in India is now supported (Chandigarh, Nashik, Pune, Jaipur) Remember, enabling CallerID+ and you will get access to millions of more numbers and you will also be able to use Truecaller in those countries where public data is not supported. Enjoy! :)

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Truecaller in India *UPDATE nr 5*

*UPDATED, 2010-01-21* Hi all! Some minor fixes has been done in the India-lookup service. Enjoy! *UPDATED, 2010-01-16* Hi you all in India, We have now a better coverage for mobile phone numbers in India. Enjoy! *UPDATED, 2009-12-30* Hi all! A bug was found in the system that affected users in India with numbers containing country code. This has now been solved and it should work much better now! Thanks for your support! Keep us updated in this post if something is not working propperly or if you have any suggestions of how to make the service even better in India. Thanks!! *UPDATED 2nd, 2009-12-18* Hi all! Company numbers are available in all of our cities in India but we are working to support more land line and mobile numbers right now. We will keep you all updated when more numbers will be available. Thanks! *UPDATED* Hi all! We have done some fixing, please post if there are still problems with India. Thanks! Hi all users in India! We have noticed that some people have had some issues using Truecaller in India. That Truecaller doesn´t find any matches. Please post all your feedbacks in the post and we will try to solve this ASAP! Thanks!

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Ahmedabad and Chennai is now supported in Truecaller!

Hi all in Chennai and Ahmedabad in India! You can now use Truecaller for landline, business and cellphone numbers! You can download Truecaller from our site, OVI store (Nokia), Android Market place, iPhone App Store etc... Best regards Team Truecaller

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Mumbai, India is now supported!

Hi all! Good news, Mumbai in India is now supported by Truecaller for both landline and mobile phone numbers! Enjoy!! /Team Truecaller

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