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Truecaller Around the Globe - Part 3: The Uprising Problem of Unsolicited Calls in the UK

In this episode of our blog series we are going to cover the UK market, more specifically, we want to lift up an uprising problem of unsolicited calls in the UK. ?I was away for the weekend and visited my girlfriends parents, and unfortunately I forgot my phone in the apartment. When we got home, I had eight missed calls from a number I didn?t recognize. When I tried to look it up on the Internet, there where no hit.?

- Gareth 32, investment banker from London.

 Now, as in Gareth?s case it could be more than frustrating to not knowing who the caller was. Basically, you want to see what relevant information is associated with the number; is the person connected to you, and how are you connected? Or is this a sales or marketing call? And ultimately why did this person want to contact you? For a mature mobile market like the UK, the number lookup service is extremely limited. The problem is that most number lookup directories in the UK only cover landline phone numbers and not unlisted or cell phone numbers. The primary reason for this is that landline numbers are published very openly, and have been so for a long time. Mobile numbers on the other hand are still private and not shared to the public by telephone network operators. ?The telemarketing firms are ruthless. They consistently keep on calling me and they are very persistent. It doesn?t matter if I?ve signed up on the Telephone Preference Service. The calls just keep coming ? and coming.?

- Karen 46, housewife from Essex.

 The Telephone Preference Service (TPS) is a government-regulated service that allows people to unlist themselves from cold calls of telemarketing companies in the UK. More than a forth of UK?s population (17.5 million people) has signed up on the TPS list. Despite this, there?re still thousands of misconduct complaints to the Information Commissioner each month regarding telemarketing companies. But since the Information Commissioner?s Office hasn?t had the power to issue any fine, there are no actions taken against the offenders at the moment. This contradicts with the very purpose of the TPS list and unfortunately renders it obsolete. Industry rules say telemarketing companies need to cross-check their databases before they call a person, to ensure that people who have signed up to not be contacted are not targeted. Even when people have signed up for the TPS, there is another cold-call danger that lurks in the form of websites that people may have visited. Because you might have been ticking on boxes giving companies consent to contact you browsing their websites, creating a loophole for cold-calling companies. Even if you have signed up to the TPS now, it won't make a difference to those companies that are buying and selling that information you gave to that website maybe years ago. Truecaller can help you avoid this loophole by providing our powerful "Call Filter" and "Number Search". If you have missed out on the previous posts of our blog series, please read them here: [India] & [the US]

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Truecaller Around the Globe - Part 2: Spam Calls in the US

Continuing our tour of mobile markets, which we started last week in India, we now to go the US.

Truecaller In the US By The Numbers:
  • Our users has reported more than 370.000 numbers of spam to our database
?It just suddenly showed up in my inbox, without me ever doing anything. A really tacky message claiming I?ve won a new iPhone in a contest or something. Judging of the serial of the number, it probably originated from another country.?

- Sara 16, student from San Antonio.

As one of the most mature mobile markets in the world, US users have had almost three decades of mobile telecommunication. Therefore, it is not strange that as much as 86% of US adults have their own mobile phone. However it?s not just common among adults, many children gets introduced to mobile phone technology at a very young age. This early adaptation is also noticeable in the user statistics, when the average teenager sends and receives up to 60 messages a day! The quick information retrieval offered in various ways by a modern mobile telephone may be one explanation as to why children today are more likely to own a mobile phone than a book. Along with a high teledensity, as is the case in the US, there comes the problem with spam messages and spam calls. And it?s a rising problem, with a yearly growth of 45 % to 4.5 billion spam text messages in 2011 alone. It's not unusual that the sending number of much of the spam is located outside the US. Truecaller helps this problem because it allows American user to do searches on numbers that are not just domestic but also international. This can be an enormous benefit for all of those who on a regular basis receive offers on everything from hygiene products to traveling arrangements. ?The spam problem is insane in US. I was getting 15-20 text messages a day with crap. Also telemarketers were killing me. And somebody else named Jose had previously owned the phone number I got from AT&T and I was getting called all the time by these Mexican guys/girls that didn't believe me I wasn't Jose. It's really good to have spam call filtering because, at least in California, you get charged for receiving calls too.?

- Lorin 28, system administrator from Palo Alto.

Spammers are really good at what they do, so it?s important to stay ahead of them. Spammers often use prepaid phones that can?t be traced back to the sender so they can then use auto-dialing technology to reach recipients. Spam and young users are a bad mix, and that is where Truecaller is trying to help.

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Truecaller Goes on World Tour - First Stop India

Truecaller is a global mobile phonebook and since we are used all over the world, we have insight into the mobile industry all over the world. Over the next six weeks, we will be taking you on a tour of some of the globe?s most interesting mobile markets. This week, we start with India. Truecaller In India By The Numbers: +500.000 number searches per day +640.000 numbers of spam numbers are reported to Truecaller?s Call Filter Losing one?s mobile phone is a scary thought for most people. It?s not just a loss of an apparatus that is scary, but also being deprived of potentially crucial information with regard to both one?s personal life and work. Plus it?s a loss of a vital tool for everyday communication. In India, this fear of losing a mobile phone is well founded. Surveys have concluded that half of all Indian mobile users have been victims of loss or theft of their mobile phone. In a fast-growing mobile market like India, where several million new numbers are added each month and many of these phones end up stolen, it is close to impossible for conventional number directories to be up to date, especially because most users have prepaid subscriptions that is not accessible in any official listings. It can be chaos and is only growing worse. Rajiv, a 41-year-old businessman from Mumbai told us, ?in just little over two weeks, I?ve received ten calls from one of my company subtractors, each time from a new unique number. It?s really hard keeping up with his pace of changing numbers!? Speaking of changing numbers, here are some more facts about India: Indian mobile subscribers expected to surpass 1 billion very soon. The amount of telephone subscriptions is growing at an enormous pace, with a monthly addition of approximately 20 million numbers! Over the last couple of years, wireless has overtaken wirelines. The share of wireless phones has increased from 46.54% in 2004 to 95.54% in December, 2011. That?s a whole lot of phones to keep track of. Truecaller can help, thanks to its user-generated database. Truecaller provides the most accurate search function among any available apps in India. Since the accessibility of telecommunication is rapidly growing and will continue to increase in India, especially in rural sectors (to put it in perspective, more households have mobile phones than have indoor toilets), Truecaller is a powerful tool to keep up. Another problem for the Indian mobile market is spam. It is estimated that about 100 million spam text messages are sent every single day in the mobile systems in India, which is a lot of cost, a lot of wasted time and wasted storage. Truecallers helps users instantly identify potentially harmful and intrusive sales numbers in their everyday phone traffic via our spam filter. All together, the biggest challenges in the Indian mobile market are challenges of size and a lack of consistency. Numbers are always changing while the amount of users is growing. Mobile users need something to help them keep up and organize the chaos. Truecaller is here to help.

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Truecaller 2.50 for Symbian is now available for download!

Hello world, It´s official - Truecaller 2.50 is now available for download and as an update in your current Truecaller. This is a great release where we have improved a lot such as speed improvements and Symbian^3 optimizations. It´s even adapted to the brand new Symbian Anna (Thanks to Nokia for lending us a Anna-device). So what´s new? - Speed improvements in the application - Fully adapted to Symbian^3 such as single-tap, click-hold-menu - Landscape mode - Improved Caller ID window to adapt your screen resolution better - A lot of UI improvements - Supporting Symbian Anna - Less resource hungry - Bug fixes - And a lot more Where can I get it? Get Truecaller by visiting from your phone´s browser to get Truecaller 2.50. Truecaller 2.50 or by visiting OVI STORE We recently announced that we reached 1M users worldwide. You have made this possible and we want to Thank you for using Truecaller! Truecaller is being embraced on App stores, on Twitter (+100K tweets), on Facebook (+30 000 likes), on blogs and a whole lot of other places. It´s you who made it possible for people to search and find people all over the world. The Truecaller team wants to say, thank you for making this possible! We hope you will enjoy Truecaller 2.50 on your Symbian device. And to you Android users, you will soon get your hands on the Truecaller 2.50. What is Truecaller? Truecaller offers a form of Web-enabled caller ID for your Android phone. It enables you to match phone numbers to names, addresses, social networks, and even pictures! The application automatically engages when you receive or place a call to a phone number that's not already in your address book, searching online for identifying information connected with that number. Within seconds, True Caller displays public information associated with that phone number on the Web, such as the other party's name, address, region, and country. If available, the display will even include the caller's picture, and/or most recent status messages from Facebook or Linkedin. True Caller will flag known spam callers for you--and you can add to the spam caller list at the touch of a button, should you have the misfortune of discovering new ones. The enhanced search feature will return name of prepaid phone cards and unlisted phone numbers, as well.

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Truecaller is the #1 top Paid app on App Store

Dear readers, We just wanted to share our happy moments with you. We are currently #1 Top Paid App on iPhone App Store in Sweden and has been on top for a week now. This is amazing and the reward we really love! It keeps us motivated and gives us some kind of acknowledge that you guys really like what we do. Thank you for supporting us and love what we do. At the moment of writing this, we are also reaching the top on other markets as well and that is Amazing! Big thanks to all you guys out there who loves our work :)

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Truecaller 2.5 Beta for iPhone

Hi all, We have been working hard on our latest release of Truecaller for iPhone and this one has been totally re-written and we have improved Everything! It´s currently under beta-stage but will be released to ya´ll once it has been approved by our Beta-testers :) Do you want to participate in the beta-testing? Send us an email to with info about your iPhone such as which model you are using, your Device ID and also which country you live in and we will get back to you. Truecaller will now have retina-support -- it looks awesome! You may find a sneak-peak screenshot below :)

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Truecaller back-end upgraded

Hello world!
We recently upgraded our back-end system and you should now be able to enjoy Truecaller up to five times faster!!

Not only did we make some big back-end enhancements, we also released Truecaller 2.15 for iPhone yesterday which also includes some speed improvements and search enhancements.

So what's going on right now?
Well, Truecaller 2.20 is under development for Symbian, Android and iPhone.
Stay tuned! We got some great things coming up:)

Almost forgot, at the end of next week we will also launch our new website with some great services for ya´ll:)

/Truecaller team

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Truecaller Number Search for Windows Phone 7 is now available on Marketplace

Hi all! You didn´t think we would leave Windows Phone 7 out did you? With Truecaller for Windows Phone 7 you can easily make number searches from numbers all over the world, in one app! It supports countries such as Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Italy, US, Canada and many more. Actually, all countries around the world and the data becomes better and better every day. The data in US is just amazing with coverage of both landline and mobile. Get it from your Windows Phone 7 device from this LINK Due to limitations in the Windows Phone 7 OS we can not support realtime caller ID on incoming calls but this feature will be available as soon as Microsoft allows it which we think will be pretty soon.

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