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Truecaller in India *UPDATE nr 5*

Posted by Trueman on January 21, 2010

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*UPDATED, 2010-01-21* Hi all! Some minor fixes has been done in the India-lookup service. Enjoy! *UPDATED, 2010-01-16* Hi you all in India, We have now a better coverage for mobile phone numbers in India. Enjoy! *UPDATED, 2009-12-30* Hi all! A bug was found in the system that affected users in India with numbers containing country code. This has now been solved and it should work much better now! Thanks for your support! Keep us updated in this post if something is not working propperly or if you have any suggestions of how to make the service even better in India. Thanks!! *UPDATED 2nd, 2009-12-18* Hi all! Company numbers are available in all of our cities in India but we are working to support more land line and mobile numbers right now. We will keep you all updated when more numbers will be available. Thanks! *UPDATED* Hi all! We have done some fixing, please post if there are still problems with India. Thanks! Hi all users in India! We have noticed that some people have had some issues using Truecaller in India. That Truecaller doesn´t find any matches. Please post all your feedbacks in the post and we will try to solve this ASAP! Thanks!