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Truecaller Gets $18.8M Investment From Sequoia Capital and Partners with Yelp

Posted by Lindsey LaMont on February 06, 2014

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It has been four years, one month, forty-two minutes, and thirty seconds since we started this journey that is Truecaller - and, boy, has the word 'Truecaller' been spoken about in over 32 languages on Twitter Trends, text messages, Post-It notes, the dinner table, praised by celebrities, and has journeyed across the seven seas to smart phones near and far. Not only has Truecaller made a difference in your lives, but it has been recognized by the top players in the industry.

Today marks a very important day for the Truecaller Team. We officially announce an investment of $18.8M USD in funding led by Sequoia Capital. Along side our funding, we have partnered with the power of Yelp to integrate a higher level of information for our Truecaller users.

Yelp Integration and Crowdsourced Data to Help You Screen and Identify Incoming Calls

With the Yelp integration, our Truecaller users can now identify local, national, and international businesses, and also view their Yelp rating. Awesome! This integration takes Truecaller’s own search engine to find people and identify numbers, and combines it with Yelp’s crowdsourced business ratings to create one place for genuine and accurate information for the world to use without leaving the Truecaller app. Double the power of search, in one app! The ability for users to take advantage of Yelp’s local listings follows on a major partnership that we forged with Twitter to allow users to tweet and follow other users directly through the Truecaller app. (By the way, if you are on Twitter, give us a shout out @Truecaller!)


Truecaller in Motion

4.0 Comes to iPhone!

iPhone lovers can now upgrade to Truecaller 4.0, which is completely built from the ground up. The new 4.0 design, which has already been available for Android users, is free-flowing with larger pictures, and a more personal experience for the Truecaller user. The Verified Badge, amongst two other badges, is now available for iPhone. This badge will be shown on a user's profile if they have written their real name, and Truecaller's intelligent technology agrees the name is true.