Search Numbers and Names

Searching for any number or name becomes easy with Truecaller. You can find businesses, financial institutions, or friends in the Truecaller community easily through the search function. Truecaller users will be notified when someone requests their number, and have the option to approve any request that comes through.

Truecaller search feature

Caller ID

See Who's calling

Help guard your most personal accessory, your mobile phone, by instantly knowing who is calling before you pick up. Truecaller gives you the knowledge of who is trying to get in touch with you even if the number is landline, mobile or pre-paid.

Truecaller caller id feature

Spam Blocker

Never pick up an unwanted call

Truecaller gives you immediate access to an expansive list of top spammers, allowing you to quickly block calls from all numbers reported as spam. Truecaller users work hard to crowdsource information and report spammers in order to make the entire Truecaller community smarter!

Truecaller block feature

Social Sync

Add pictures and contact information

You can easily keep your contact list updated with friends' profile pictures and status updates by choosing to source information from popular sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Truecaller update phone book feature