Effective date: 18 December 2018

These terms apply to any business profile that has been created by a User and are in addition to our EU Terms of Service for the EU, UK, EEA and Switzerland or the ROW Terms of Service for all other countries, as applicable.

Business profile data and related information will be treated as non-personal publicly available information for the purposes of our Privacy Policy and as such will be:

  • used for the provision of Services including callerID, spam blocking and message identification; and
  • used, transferred and disclosed by Us for any other purpose.

Truecaller may attribute a score to Your business profile based on feedback received from Users, any third party and/or any publicly available information. You may edit the business profile data that You have provided at any time. If you wish to create a personal profile using the same phone number that you have used for a business profile, you will need to re-confirm the profile details upon which the personal profile would replace the earlier business profile.