Publication certificate

True Software Scandinavia AB holds a publishing certificate (Sw. utgivningsbevis) for the Truecaller database ( Well-defined parts of the database fall within the scope of the publishing certificate, as specified below.

The publishing certificate covers both web- and mobile applications when broadcasted from Sweden, which is the case for all visitors within the EU. It provides for constitutional protection under the Swedish Fundamental Law on Freedom of Expression (YGL). Alan Mamedi is the responsible publisher.

The following is covered by the publishing certificate:

Performed searches within the EU, limiting hits to;

  • Individuals within the EU
  • Companies within the EU
  • Spam within the EU
  • Limited selection of companies and spam from outside the EU

The following falls outside the scope of the publishing certificate:

Any provision of the service by Truecaller International LLP, i.e. the parts of the service offered to users outside the EU. This include any searches performed outside the EU, which can generate hits on;

  • Persons outside the EU
  • Companies outside the EU
  • Spam outside the EU

In addition, the information provided by our users in the user profiles falls outside the scope of the publishing certificate and our publisher responsibility.

In any event, the text MODERATED/UNMODERATED will be displayed to clarify which content that falls within and outside the constitutional protection.

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