WHISTLEBLOWING is a process that enables Truecaller’s employees, consultants, suppliers, and other stakeholders to report misconduct or other serious irregularities within Truecaller.


It is of great importance for Truecaller to protect the company, our employees, suppliers, customers, the environment, and society against serious irregularities that Truecaller could in any way be involved in. If serious irregularities can be detected at an early stage, Truecaller has a better opportunity to prevent the risks and limit the damage. This is beneficial not only for Truecaller, but also for our employees and other stakeholders. Truecaller has therefore introduced an opportunity to report serious incidents through several different reporting channels.

What can be reported?

Examples of serious irregularities that can be reported:

  • Bribery and corruption
  • Fraud
  • Unfair competitive behavior
  • Incorrect procurements
  • Unauthorized handling of insider information
  • Theft and embezzlement
  • Harassment
  • Violations of human rights

How can you report?

You can file a report through emailing whistleblowing@truecaller.com. This email will go to the Chief Legal Officer and Chief People Officer. You can always also report orally and request a physical meeting if suitable. Please note that this email address should only be used to raise formal complaints of wrongdoings, not for support matters. For such matters please contact our customer support team at support@truecaller.com.

Truecaller strongly encourages you to state your contact information to facilitate the investigation, e.g. to enable the investigating team to ask appropriate follow-up questions, however if you prefer to be anonymous you can also use a disposable email service. 

What happens to your report?

We confirm receipt of your report as soon as possible and no later than seven working days from your registration. All complaints are taken very seriously and will be followed up appropriately. You may be asked to provide additional information if necessary. Please note that you can remain completely anonymous through such a dialogue for as long as you wish.

Your report is handled by an investigation team that is compiled based on local needs and the type of suspected violation that the notification relates to. All sensitive information in a notification, including your personal information, is always handled strictly confidentially. You will also receive appropriate information on the status of the investigation on a continuous basis.

Protection against retaliation

It is strictly forbidden for all Truecaller's employees and Truecaller's other representatives to search for a notifier's identity or to subject a notifier to any form of special treatment or other negative penalty due to the notification. Any such attempt can result in serious disciplinary sanctions.