Year in Calling

A look back on how the world communicated using Truecaller in 2017

33 billion unknown calls identified

10 billion spam calls identified and blocked

40 million spammers identified

Biggest spammers

3 billion spam SMS identified and blocked

Who talks the most VS who talks the least

Tanzania sends the most SMS per user
Somalia made the most calls per user 2nd year in a row
Chile sends the fewest SMS per user
Argentina made the fewest calls per user

53 million SMS sent by just one telco spammer in India

Thank you to all our Truecaller users for a great #YearinCalling 2017!

Notes & Methodology

The data in this article was aggregated anonymously from incoming and outgoing calls during the period of January 1st, 2017 to October 31, 2017, and for messages data was anonymously aggregated from incoming and outgoing messages from April 1, 2017 to October 31, 2017 to understand the trends and usage. No context of any calls or messages was read. These insights are purely based on our internal data and does not reflect the entire usage of any of the services and Truecaller does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of such data, and all derivative conclusions or assumption are those of the readers only.