A look back at how the world communicated using Truecaller

The Year in Calling shows the stats of the calls and messages made this year with Truecaller. Your personal in-app stats even show how many calls you made and the person you called the most. Every person who uses Truecaller helps identify and block unwanted communication. So, thanks to every one of you for 2021!

You’ve helped block quite a bit of spam this year

37.8 billion

Spam calls blocked and identified

182 billion

Spam messages blocked and identified

You’ve also made a few calls, and sent a few messages

184.5 billion

Calls identified

99.7 billion

Calls made

586 billion

Messages identified

7.8 billion

Messages sent

Shabd - A Women's Day Initiative from Truecaller

It's 2021, but that age-old problem named harassment still remains at large. In India alone, 1 woman falls victim to stalking every 55 minutes. Sadly, this problem isn't addressed, not on prime time nor on any other avenue. Here is a true story of a woman who’s actions spoke for society.

Verified Business Caller ID

We recently introduced Verified Business Caller ID. It was designed to fill a big gap in trust when businesses call their customers. By verifying business numbers on Truecaller, consumers can be better protected from fraud while companies can protect their brand identity.

1.5 billion

calls have been made by verified numbers

202 million

Calls were made by just one spammer in India

(yes, you read that correctly)

Rwanda made the most calls per user

Tanzania sent the most messages per user

Taiwan made the least calls and sent the least messages per user

Together we aided each other in times of need

This year, we launched the COVID-19 healthcare directory for users in India, we wanted it to be a quick way to find hospitals within the Truecaller app, under ‘Covid Relief’. When the rise in cases escalated, it felt important that Truecaller helped in any way we could. We then partnered with MapmyIndia and FactChecker to further improve the feature.

Over 3 million of you used the feature.

Thank you to our Truecaller Community for a great #YearInCalling2021

The data in this article was aggregated anonymously from incoming and outgoing calls & messages during the period of January 1st, 2021 to October 31, 2021. No context of any calls or messages were read. During this period of time we helped our users identify 184.5 billion calls and helped identify 586 billion SMS globally.