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Get Caught in the Web of People


Truecaller has teamed up with The Amazing Spider-Man 2 for a giant web of fun and exclusive Spider-Man 2 movie merchandise giveaways! The Web of People connects all your friends who enter, and other Truecaller fans who join the web, so you can see how we are all connected. Plus, of course, an added bonus of winning Spider-Man gear!

Don't miss all the fun happening on our Facebook page all the way until The Amazing Spider-Man's opening on May 1st!

Enter the Web of People here to win prizes and see who you are connected to!

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How the Word 'Spam' Came To Be

We hear the word spam when referring to mass amount of e-mails pinging our inboxes, advertisement newspapers in our mailboxes, and of course, annoying telemarketing calls plaguing our cell phones. But have you ever stopped to think how this strange word came to be associated with unwanted information?

We did a little researched, and were quite entertained by the fact that the word ‘Spam’ comes from the world’s weirdest World War II processed foods, and a very famous scene from British surreal comedy group, Monty Python.


Spam, in all its canned meat glory, was first introduced in 1937 by Hormel Foods, and was promoted throughout World War II in the United States. In present, day, Spam is sold in over 100 countries, and is often poked fun at for being a ‘fake meat,’ or as the Monty Python skits predict, the ‘last resort’ when you want to eat something.

Monty Python created a skit that was televised in 1970. Two customers are ordering breakfast in a café named ‘The Greasy Spoon Café,’ and the only thing on the menu is the canned meat, Spam. As the scene progresses, songs are sung, and the word Spam is mentioned 103 times in 3 minutes. At the end of the skit, we are left recounting the repetitive and unwanted presence of ‘spam’ in the sketch.

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Name Tagging Feature

With Truecaller’s vast amount of worldwide numbers, comes a great responsibility to stay accurate and up-to-date with our information. That is why we have added a new feature called ‘name tagging’ in last week's Android release (hope you all updated!)


What should I know about name tagging?
The purpose of name tagging is so names will always remain accurate. If you find a misspelling in a name, or maybe a business has changed names- we want you to help report it and submit the correct name!

Truecaller also recognizes names you are trying to type. This is an easy way to make sure names are spelled correctly.

Together, we can help keep Truecaller accurate and informative for our community and the world.

iPhone users will soon see name tagging as well, so keep a look out for updates!

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IRS Call Scam

Just when we thought we could leave scams like the 'One Ring Scam' on the back burner, a new scam seems to be attacking U.S. taxpayers; this time, they are pretending to be the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

The USA Today posted a recent article, quoting the IRS's watchdog saying,

Criminals masquerading as Internal Revenue Service agents have bilked more than $1 million from thousands of taxpayers in the largest such phone scam the IRS has seen.

How It Happens:
The scammers call taxpayers, and tell the victims they could be arrested, deported or lose their business or driver's license if they refuse to give money.

Who is Affected?
According the USA Today's interview with J. Russell George, Treasury inspector general for tax administration, more than 20,000 taxpayers have been targeted by this IRS scam.

How to Protect Yourself with Truecaller:
Many scammers today are targeting cell phones, and it is up to us to protect our cell phones with the correct technology. Truecaller helps identify and block over 4 million spam calls a day. Our Truecaller users help each other by marking spam or fraud calls they have identified, so another user can be protected immediately. Each day, members of the Truecaller Community adds 75,000 new spam numbers to Truecaller's Top Spammers List to keep it constantly updated.

Truecaller is available for free on Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Symbian s60 and Series 40, and can be downloaded from your app store.

How to Identify this scam:
The IRS does not ask for credit card numbers over the phone, and never insists on payments by wire transfer or debit card. Taxpayers who owe are generally contacted first by mail. More information on tax scams from the IRS can be found here.

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Caller ID Gets A Facelift on Android!

Our Android lovers are receiving a new update! We have been stirring up some added bonuses to enhance their Truecaller experience.

New Features:
Name suggestion: Find a match, but disagree with the name? Suggest a name!Image


  • New and improved Caller ID and SMS pop-up screens
  • Nå tilgjengelig på norsk! (Translation: Now available in Norwegian!)
  • Improved Google+ interaction


Make sure your Truecaller has been upgraded to the newest version by visiting the Google Play store on your mobile!

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April Fool’s Day


Calling all potential fools! The attack of the prank callers is upon us, for today is April Fool’s Day! It is time to prepare your mobile with truecaller for the battle against prank calls. Instead of stressing about receiving prank calls, you can easily identify who is trying to play a prank on you, and let the joke be on the prank callers.

Truecaller blocks over 1 billion spam calls a day and has been a savior for more than 50 million users all over the world.

Help protect your loved ones from prank calls, share this blog post to help them avoid prank calling embarrassment this April Fool’s.

Truecaller can be downloaded for free from from your mobile, or on your mobile app store. Truecaller is available for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and Symbian s40/s60. Live Incoming call feature only available for Android, BlackBerry and Symbian s60.

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How Truecaller can help reduce stress

Guest blog by Indian Brand Ambassador, Sibi Mustafa from Kollam, Kerala in India.

Truecaller Can Actually Improve Your Health

Once I was talking to one of my friends, and he explained that his family doctor advised his mom to reduce her mobile phone usage to better her health. Why better health?

While speaking with his mother later on in the evening, she told me she receives about four to seven spam or telemarketing calls every day. Many of these are survey companies, or even fraud callers. She was so stressed out from the annoyance, that stress from her mobile was becoming a daily problem.

I just introduced her to Truecaller, and explained how it can block those unwanted spam calls and how it can reduce her mobile phone usage. She was unaware that an app existed to help solve this problem.

UPDATE: This past weekend I checked in with my mate's mom to see if Truecaller has worked for her, and successfully, Truecaller has allowed her to add unwanted numbers to her block list, and even report those numbers to a Top Spammer's List so other people can be stress-free.

What I understood from this is Truecaller is an app for any age group!

Like Sibi's post? Stay tuned for other ways people use Truecaller from his hometown in Kerala, India.
Send Sibi a Tweet!Tweet: Hey @SibiMustafa! Great post on Truecaller.

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Staff Spotlight: Hello, Anitha!


Say hello to Anitha! She is our third Indian woman to join the Truecaller Team, and we couldn't be happier to have this little ball of energy at our Stockholm headquarters!

What’s your job title?
Test Engineer

What do you do for fun?
Knitting and crochet

Where are you from?

What is your favorite thing about your home city?
I’m from Madurai in India, the city that never sleeps. I love the idlies and Jasmine flowers sold there.

What languages do you speak?
Tamil and English

Why did you choose to work at Truecaller?
The app attracted me, it has a good concept and I wanted to be a part of its making.

Favorite Vacation spot:
Amsterdam, Netherlands

What I’m Addicted To…
Anime and Manga

What I am scared of!

Can’t Do Without
Books, computers and Internet

My favorite song:
Whiskey in the jar by The Dubliners

If you would like an opportunity to join our team, visit our Career page!

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Truecaller Speaks at Webbdagarna


We love speaking with people, and also telling our story of how two regular guys discovered a 'diamond in the rough' idea, and created an app that is enjoyed by over 50 million people today.

At Swedish event Webbdagarna, by Internet World, our co-founders spoke about Truecaller's journey to where we are now. Truecaller was developed as an app in forums, before Apple and Google Play app stores were even launched. This was where the magic happened, and people from all over the world began talking.

When speaking about Truecaller's first baby steps into the world, Nami Zarringhalam, co-founder and CSO, explained that word-of-mouth is how Truecaller gained rapid success in countries like India, Egypt, and Lebanon.

"We looked at the statistics and found a pattern- a recipe. And with this recipe, we naturally wanted to test whether it was possible to do this again in other markets. After about one to two months we were at the top of the charts in Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Israel. It worked. We recommend all entrepreneurs try to find their own recipe to success."

Watch our co-founders speak about our story, and read the original article covering Webbdagarna.

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1 Million 'Likes' for Truecaller!

On Monday, March 17th, Truecaller's official Facebook fanpage reached 1 million 'Likes' by fans all across the world. With its launch in 2009, the Facebook page has been a place for our growing Truecaller Team to post behind the scenes pictures, giveaways, the latest features, and milestones about our app. It is a where users can go and know their questions will be answered almost immedietely. It has grown into a thriving Truecaller Community- full of praise, and suggestions that are seen directly by our developers. Top countries that follow Truecaller's page are the U.S.A, India, Egypt, Jordan and several European, Asian, and Middle Eastern countries.

"This is a pretty huge milestone, especially for a startup to reach this kind of statistic completely organically," says our Community Manager, Lindsey LaMont.

Word-of-mouth is the power of the people, and with our users, and the help of our fantastic brand ambassadors from around the world- this is a milestone to be celebrated and give thanks to all who have ever liked, commented, or shared a post from Truecaller. We look forward to another 1 million fans!


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