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Truecaller + Microsoft = Love

Truecaller has teamed up with Microsoft Student Partners of Egypt (MSP)! Students are the future, and at Truecaller, we believe in the power of technology and how students are breaking boundaries at every level.

“Microsoft Student Partners are now using Truecaller in development purposes not only as a service which gives them a chance to create innovative and unique products, also Truecaller is improving itself with their feedback,” said Microsoft Student Partners of Egypt.

Truecaller’s Egyptian brand ambassador, Shady Atef, a computer and science information student at Ain Shams University in Egypt, will be educating fellow MSPs about the Truecaller app and the uses of the Truecaller API.

“Truecaller and the MSPs are in a great win-win situation as they are learning from each other,” shares Shady Atef.

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Truecaller Premium for Android Users

trueman premiumWe are happy to bring you our big update for Android; Premium style. By upgrading to a Premium user, inside your Truecaller app, you will receive the following features:

See who viewed your profile
Being a verified Truecaller Premium user allows you to see who is viewing your personal profile. You can see how many minutes ago someone viewed your profile!

No more ads!
Enjoy browsing through People You May Know, identifying numbers, and getting the most out of your Truecaller experience completely ad free.

Monthly contact requests
At the beginning of each month while you are a Truecaller Premium user, you will receive 30 contact requests. These contact requests can be used to contact someone through Truecaller?s name search. An SMS message will be sent to them for their permission for you to view their contact details.

Premium is starting from $0.99 a month. Truecaller´s Premium feature is currently only available for Android devices. It is coming soon to iPhone.

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Truecaller App Now Availble On Facebook!


Now you can enjoy searching a number as you talk to your friends on Facebook; no mobile required! The Truecaller Facebook app allows you to use Truecaller's reverse number lookup to identify a number in the Truecaller directory, and see its' popularity! Spam score is also available for numbers that are identified and ranked as spam callers.

To access the Truecaller Facebook app from your computer:

1. Sign into Facebook from your computer

2. Follow this link: or click our tab on our Truecaller fanpage.

The more friends you know who are using Truecaller, the higher your True score and the stronger the collaborated directory becomes! Make sure to share and invite your friends to help build the world's largest collaborated phone directory!

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Truecaller Statement

Truecaller experienced a cyberattack on our website that resulted in an unauthorized access to some data. We were able to shut it down moments after we discovered it. Our investigation into the matter indicates the attackers were able to access 'tokens,' which was immediately reset. Metaphorically speaking, a ?token? is a unique lock for each user, but what the attackers did not acquire is the needed key, which has also been reset.

Truecaller does not store passwords, credit card information, or any other sensitive information about our users. It is false information that attackers were able to access our users' Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media passwords.

We are still investigating the extent of unauthorized access of our database. We have outlined steps to help us deal with the situation. These steps include more complex security measures and various other tools we want to keep within the company.

We feel it is crucial to publicize the attack because it is important that we keep true to the honesty and integrity of the Truecaller brand.

We want to thank our users for their patience, as we are still investigating and acquiring information.

UPDATED: 5 July, 2013

By now, many of you have read recent headlines reporting that Truecaller has been a victim of a cyberattack. In this post, we want to address questions we?ve been receiving and share what we've learned so far about the incident.

First and foremost, it's important to point out that we have outlined steps to help us deal with the situation. These steps include more complex security measures and various other tools we want to keep within the company. We feel it is important to be as transparent as possible while at the same time not go in to details.

Here are the most common questions we are being asked by our users:

Is it safe to use Truecaller?

Considering that Truecaller does not store passwords, credit card information, or any other sensitive information about our users, it is safe to use Truecaller.

Behind the app, we are people just like you. We have the same logic and the same concerns about the world. Millions of our users put their trust in us, and it is trust and integrity we have founded this company on. Trustworthiness in our collaborative community and user confidence is vitally important to Truecaller?s continued success, growth and data quality.

Should I uninstall Truecaller?

Having Truecaller installed on your phone is not harmful to other apps or information that you hold privately. Truecaller is simply a service to help you identify callers and has no interest in social media passwords or credit card information that could disrupt your daily life.

If a user feel uncomfortable having their number in Truecaller?s directory they can simply unlist their number permanently here:

Did the attackers get hold of my password?

Truecaller does not store passwords. What the attackers were able to access were ?tokens?, which by design can be immediately reset, which we instantly did. Tokens are used to connect to various social media accounts. We use them to provide our login service on the website, in order to simplify the login process without us handling any personal information, such as password etc.

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SMS Service for Indian Non-Smartphone Users

We have recently partnered with Innoz, India's youngest and fastest growing mobile and wireless innovation company. Together, we will create a service for non-smartphone users to send a text to identify unknown numbers.

Innoz Technologies, who are the creators of 55444, a service which provides information through SMS, has been working with the Truecaller API to provide a number lookup via SMS for those without smartphones. Deepak Ravindran, the CEO of Innoz, says "In India, there are more than 900 million mobile phones. People change their phone number very frequently. The new SIM cards are available easily and at a very low price. This makes {it} difficult to recognize the caller. Also, with very low internet penetration, there is no medium to check the details of any caller."

This is where Truecaller comes in to play.

The 55444 service is available for all mobile phones in India, and is able to search Truecaller's directory for mobile and landline numbers, even international. If the number is in the Truecaller directory, the SMS message will return name, service provider, region of the number, and the True score, which will determine how 'popular' a number is with Truecaller's +20 million users. Both Ravindran and Safa Poyraz, VP of Business Development for Truecaller, agree that Truecaller on SMS will give app access to everyone, regardless of their mobile device.

How 55444 works:

1. Type: Trace <10 digit mobile/landline no.> (Eg. Trace 1234567890) 2. Send the SMS to 55444

The SMS will be charged Rs. 1 per query. The user will then get an immediate response with all details including the name, service provider, service region, and True score.

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20 Million Users Strong!

20 million users illustration

Today we stand next to you 20 million users strong! We are a force of people from all around the world, speaking different languages, living in different climates, but all seeking the same purpose from Truecaller. Looking back in January, we celebrated our 10 million users. Little did we know that in just under five months, we would gain another 10 million new users to the Truecaller family. Thank you for welcoming Truecaller into your daily lives!

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500,000 Facebook Likes!

500k likes small

We are very honored to have such supportive fans on Facebook and all social media. Today we have hit 500,000 likes on Facebook! We thought nothing else could capture how we feel other than a tribute to the infamous movie "Rocky."

Make sure to keep updated on Truecaller happenings by visiting our Facebook page:!

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Truecaller Releases API!

no background truecaller api smallWe are very excited to announce our much anticipated API. We want our users to know how we intend to use our API and how it will benefit the future of technology.

The Truecaller API will be released to handpicked developers (the API will never be available for companies associated with telemarketing or spam). The API allows only for reverse number lookup, which means that the developers can attach a name to a known number. It also returns a ?Spam score? to indicate if the number is a likely spammer (telesales or robocalls) and a True score to indicate how important the number is.

How can the Truecaller API be used?
Scrive, a leading cloud e-signing company is one of the companies who have been trying the Truecaller API. Scrive is using the Truecaller API as one of the important parameters in their e-signing process. _"With Truecaller's API we are able to more accurately validate the identity behind a phone number. Much more accurately than is possible with any other phone number registry out there." _says Lukas Duczko, CEO at Scrive.

Other ways the Truecaller API can be used are for call centers to identify incoming numbers by name, verify user information, and many more possibilities.

Truecaller handpicks developers that are in line with Truecaller's mission and supplies value to their users. Truecaller will not consider telemarketing companies for any access to their API. The API does not include name search, which will remain a mobile app feature only.

For more information about Truecaller's API, go to

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Truecaller, One Hot Swedish Startup!

33listan Who are the top Swedish startups to watch out for? Last night, Ny Teknik announced a list of 33 of the hottest Swedish technology startups, and Truecaller was one of them! We are very proud to be known and described as a company that dares to challenge the unchallenged.

"To enter the 33-list feels incredibly powerful," says Alan Mamedi, our co-founder and CEO. "For us, it's the confirmation that we are on the way to change an entire industry internationally. The list has a special meaning for us since the list is all about innovation and innovation is in our DNA, but also something that the whole Truecaller team is working hard to achieve on a daily basis."

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Half A Billion Name and Number Searches!

half billion photo We are ecstatic to announce that our users are searching half a billion names and numbers each month! Since we released the new version of Truecaller in February, searching for your colleagues, family members, old school mates, and whoever you want to get in touch with has increased by 70%. Co-founder and COO, Nami Zarringhalam says, "half a billion searches a month is a testimonial to us being on our way to fulfilling our mission of being the world's largest global phone directory that is intelligent, accurate and easy to use. We are very proud!" While Truecaller is celebrating this number as a huge milestone in Truecaller history, CEO and co-founder, Alan Mamedi has a sentimental approach to the user's experience. "...what is even more amazing are the stories we hear from our users on how they, for the first time, actually get in touch with old friends and relatives, which was the reason we created Truecaller." Whether you are wanting to know who that missed call was with reverse number lookup, or finding your old business colleague through name search, Truecaller provides one place for the world to go to search for reliable contact information.

To learn more about how to search in Truecaller, please visit our tutorial "How to Contact People By Name," and "How It Works."

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Introducing the New Truecaller!

With much anticipation, we are releasing the new Truecaller along with a fresh website! We have been bursting at the seams to share this with you, and in honor of our 11 million global users and counting, we have put you in control of your own information on Truecaller. Truecaller has received a facelift complete with name search, personal profiles, an request acceptance system, a new look and much more! Truecaller is still the same free app with hot new features that will make our user experience more personal and fun! What?s New: -Truecaller is still the same free app, the only service that we will be charging for is when the user wishes to get in contact with a person through the name search feature -With the Truecaller name search, getting in touch with the right person has never been easier -Personalized user details allows user to take control of their information to easily change their name. -The users can also add other information such as Twitter, LinkedIn and their addressSMS alerts to let you know that a user wants to get in touch: ?Greetings from Truecaller. Nami Zarringhalam has asked for your phone number. Call back on +46763404499 or read more: -Truecaller provides ?smart search results? based on a user?s wider social circle -Truecaller Credits allows you to request contact information (name lookup); reverse number lookup continues to be a free service -Updated iOS and Android apps, and a new looking Truecaller website
To download or upgrade to the new version of Truecaller, please visit your device's app store. For more information, please visit our website

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10 Million Users Strong!

We at Truecaller are proud and honored to announce that we have reached 10 million global users! Truecaller has come a long way since being founded. What started as an idea from two people in Sweden, has taken a journey to help and improve the daily lives of 10 million people from all over the world. That is beyond impressive. In our future, we will uphold our dedication to our 10 million strong and reach out to those millions who have yet to discover Truecaller. We thank you, for your trust, feedback, and your collaboration to allow Truecaller to make a difference on a global scale.  

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Show Your Appreciation and Vote!

With only a few days left, don?t forget to help support Truecaller and cast your vote for The Europa?s People?s Choice Award! Winning this award would not only reward us for our hard work, but also let us know how much our fans appreciate Truecaller! Voting ends on January 11th and every vote helps!
  1. Click on the link:
  2. Vote by clicking ?Like? on the page

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Truecaller Goes Black Friday!

In honor of Americans rushing to the malls, hoping to hit it big with Black Friday specials, Truecaller is rolling out a special gift to the Nordic countries; free Truecaller for the iPhone!

Unlike Black Friday, our special deal doesn't disappear when the clock turns midnight. Truecaller will be available for free when downloaded from the Nordics iPhone App Store (App Store Link). This means Truecaller is now available for free worldwide to make it as easy as possible for people to be able to get in touch. Happy shopping!      

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Thank you so much for the 200.000 likes!

We work hard for your likes and appreciation at Truecaller, which is why we are so proud to announce we have 200,000 likes on Facebook today!  You motivate us to work harder and make Truecaller even better.

Thank you for your support!

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Truecaller API

Would your business or idea profit from using the Truecaller API? Sign up for our API access program now! We are currently working on it for developers. If you want to get notified when it's ready then enter your details in the link below.

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Truecaller 2.90 for Android is Finally Here!


The wait is finally over. For the past couple of weeks we have been working really hard on the Truecaller 2.90 for Android. Today, we are releasing it to the public. The new version contains the same facelift as in the iPhone release and some amazing UX improvement. We hope you enjoy the new version as much as we do! Get it at Google Play!  

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Truecaller Boosts International Expansion with $1.3 Million Funding from Open Ocean

We are extremely delighted to announce that we have secured our first Series A funding by Ocean Ocean! The new fund will help us to boost our international expansion and further product development. But most importantly we will be able to continue realize our vision to change the way people search and connect to each other.

The story has already been picked by TechCrunch!

--------------------------- Official Press Release
STOCKHOLM, September 19, 2012 -­? Truecaller, a global crowdsourced phone directory, with millions of users that currently perform more than 120 million searches each month, today announced receiving $1.3 million in Series A funding by Open Ocean, a leading investor in European software start-­ups with large user bases or communities. The partners of Open Ocean have a background in MySQL AB. The funds will further boost Truecaller?s product development and international expansion in key markets North America, Asia and the Middle East. Truecaller recently reached a milestone and passed 5 million users and is experiencing exponential growth. ?With the new funding and strong support from Open Ocean we will be able to further strengthen our expansion in key markets, and realize our vision to change the way people search and connect to each other on both a local and global level.?, says Alan Mamedi, CEO of Truecaller. ?We are excited to invest in Truecaller, as the company aims to deliver a service that is valuable for every citizen as well as all businesses in the World. Truecaller is a perfect fit for Open Ocean Fund Three?s investment focus, developing a rapidly scalable business on the basis of a crowdsourcing strategy and high virality.?, says Ralf Wahlsten Open Ocean Partner. ?We believe that Truecaller is positioned to be the leading service in the global mobile white pages industry.?, Wahlsten continues. Pictures and background information: Media contact: Alan Mamedi, CEO and co-­?founder, +46(0)704-­?506 210
  About Truecaller Truecaller is a global crowdsourced phone directory available on iPhone, Android, Symbian (S60 & S40), Blackberry, Windows Phone and on the web. Truecaller has millions of users that currently perform more than 120 million searches each month and the user base increases rapidly. Truecaller?s users, from all over the world, share their phone books, including numbers to pre?paid phones, and together create a relevant global directory -­ users can easily opt­?in or out at any time. Founded in Stockholm, Sweden, 2009 Truecaller is owned by the founder duo, angels and VC company Open Ocean. For more information visit or download Truecaller at
About Open Ocean Open Ocean is a leading early-­?stage venture capital company with a particular emphasis on European software start-­?ups deploying user base or community business models. Open Ocean was the first major owner of MySQL AB, which was sold to Sun Microsystems for $1 billion in 2008. Above and beyond many venture capital firms, Open Ocean is able to leverage its direct experience as the founders of MySQL to provide hands-­?on support to the management of companies receiving Open Ocean?s funding. Open Ocean Fund Three is supported by the European Union through the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP). For more information, visit us at

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Truecaller 2.90 for Symbian is Now Available on OVI Store

Truecaller 2.90 is now available for all Symbian devices! Apart from the new mindblowing UI design, the 2.90 and will support Arabic. We have implemented a advanced touch device support and added top spam list in the call filter. The 2.90 will also be including these changes:

- Block calls from private numbers - New setup wizard - Select search country on search screen

Get Truecaller 2.90 here:

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Truecaller Reaches 5 Million Users Milestone!

We are more than glad to exhibit our joy and bliss that we have hit another great milestone at Truecaller! You guys are fantastic, and we feel very much obliged!

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Truecaller Now Available for Symbian S40 - Making Number Search Available For Everybody!

You might ask yourself why we put an effort in developing for low-end phones such as the Symbian S40, but before you criticize or make any judgment hear us out. Back in mid-2009, me and my co-founder Nami Zarringhalam discovered a problem we wanted to solve. We were constantly getting phone calls from abroad, either by friends, relatives or work related calls that we didn?t have the numbers to. The dilemma we faced was that it was impossible to lookup their number ? because there wasn?t any service that could do reverse number lookups worldwide. In Sweden, where we are located there are a couple of services where you can type in a phone number and you get the name of the owner of the phone. But where do you turn to if you want to identify a phone number from India, Jordan, or even the US? Either the services were non-existent or the information was poor and very expensive, so we set out to build a service with a simple belief: number lookup and people search should be available no matter where you are in the world - and Truecaller was born. Since the very beginning, our mission has always been to make Truecaller available on all connected devices ? where Symbian was one of the first platform we developed for. We think that too many startups nowadays focus on creating products and services that only the high-end users can use. So we asked ourselves why would we exclude more than 1.5 billion people who use low-end mobile phones from our service? Today, we are proud to announce that Truecaller is available for Nokia S40 phones. We made a quiet beta-launch two weeks ago and we are impressed how huge the demand has been. Even though it?s not considered as a smartphone there are still possibilities to develop apps for S40 platform, and now it?s here. Being able to connect with people should be easy and free, and that?s what Truecaller does.


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Truecaller is Now Back on App Store!

We had some minor bugs last week on our latest update that made the app crash after updating to the latest version, so we decided to temporarily withdraw the app. The app is now back on App Store and we apologize for the inconvenience caused.

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Truecaller Temporarily off App Store

Yesterday we released a minor update of Truecaller for iPhone, unfortunately we detected a bug that made the app crash for people upgrading it to the new version and have decided to temporarily withdraw the app from App Store. The bug is already fixed (it was an easy bug to splash), and Truecaller will be up on App Store within a couple of days. We are very sorry about this.

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