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1 Million 'Likes' for Truecaller!

On Monday, March 17th, Truecaller's official Facebook fanpage reached 1 million 'Likes' by fans all across the world. With its launch in 2009, the Facebook page has been a place for our growing Truecaller Team to post behind the scenes pictures, giveaways, the latest features, and milestones about our app. It is a where users can go and know their questions will be answered almost immedietely. It has grown into a thriving Truecaller Community- full of praise, and suggestions that are seen directly by our developers. Top countries that follow Truecaller's page are the U.S.A, India, Egypt, Jordan and several European, Asian, and Middle Eastern countries.

"This is a pretty huge milestone, especially for a startup to reach this kind of statistic completely organically," says our Community Manager, Lindsey LaMont.

Word-of-mouth is the power of the people, and with our users, and the help of our fantastic brand ambassadors from around the world- this is a milestone to be celebrated and give thanks to all who have ever liked, commented, or shared a post from Truecaller. We look forward to another 1 million fans!


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We Hit 30,000 Reviews on Google Play!

We really have fantastic users! We just hit 30,000 reviews on Google Play with an average of 4.5 stars!

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Truecaller Wishes you a Happy 2013!

Looking back on 2012, Truecaller has had a truly remarkable year full of conquered milestones and company growth.

We started 2012 off with a bang by releasing a highly requested version for the BlackBerry. Following this, we became a top app in various countries including the Middle East and India. The Truecaller app has created a valuable opportunity for users in countries where public number directories are next to nothing, which we have become very proud of. With eleven different languages available and a rapid gain of millions of users, Truecaller has become more global with each passing month.

Our founders, Alan and Nami, made several appearances at European conferences including Mobil Cup, Mobile World Congress, the Swedish Parliament, LeWeb and spoke at the Ericsson Application Awards and Mobile Future.

In September, Open Ocean invested in Truecaller, which opened the door for more possibilities and opportunities for growth and new technology. Inside the company, we expanded our work force by eleven people, which means we went from a five person startup and grew into a sixteen person collaborative machine! New positions to the team included Android and iPhone developers, testers, database support, customer support and marketers. This year was especially exciting because the company was able to offer breakfast every morning for the team, comfy hoodie giveaways and more Truecaller themed candies than we could handle!

The team worked past challenges and focused on making the app better for Google Play and accessible to international users in 288 countries. Newspapers caught on quickly to the popularity and innovative ideas of what we are doing at Truecaller, which lead to being featured in TechCrunch, VentureBeat, The Wall Street Journal, and The Times of India.

In 2012, the Truecaller app became more evolved, the UI more attractive, the social media fan base more popular and the future goals more attainable.

We are very proud of 2012, but the future of Truecaller in the year 2013 is full of many happy surprises for our users, for our product and for the world to discover.

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Truecaller Boosts International Expansion with $1.3 Million Funding from Open Ocean

We are extremely delighted to announce that we have secured our first Series A funding by Ocean Ocean! The new fund will help us to boost our international expansion and further product development. But most importantly we will be able to continue realize our vision to change the way people search and connect to each other.

The story has already been picked by TechCrunch!

--------------------------- Official Press Release
STOCKHOLM, September 19, 2012 -­? Truecaller, a global crowdsourced phone directory, with millions of users that currently perform more than 120 million searches each month, today announced receiving $1.3 million in Series A funding by Open Ocean, a leading investor in European software start-­ups with large user bases or communities. The partners of Open Ocean have a background in MySQL AB. The funds will further boost Truecaller?s product development and international expansion in key markets North America, Asia and the Middle East. Truecaller recently reached a milestone and passed 5 million users and is experiencing exponential growth. ?With the new funding and strong support from Open Ocean we will be able to further strengthen our expansion in key markets, and realize our vision to change the way people search and connect to each other on both a local and global level.?, says Alan Mamedi, CEO of Truecaller. ?We are excited to invest in Truecaller, as the company aims to deliver a service that is valuable for every citizen as well as all businesses in the World. Truecaller is a perfect fit for Open Ocean Fund Three?s investment focus, developing a rapidly scalable business on the basis of a crowdsourcing strategy and high virality.?, says Ralf Wahlsten Open Ocean Partner. ?We believe that Truecaller is positioned to be the leading service in the global mobile white pages industry.?, Wahlsten continues. Pictures and background information: Media contact: Alan Mamedi, CEO and co-­?founder, +46(0)704-­?506 210
  About Truecaller Truecaller is a global crowdsourced phone directory available on iPhone, Android, Symbian (S60 & S40), Blackberry, Windows Phone and on the web. Truecaller has millions of users that currently perform more than 120 million searches each month and the user base increases rapidly. Truecaller?s users, from all over the world, share their phone books, including numbers to pre?paid phones, and together create a relevant global directory -­ users can easily opt­?in or out at any time. Founded in Stockholm, Sweden, 2009 Truecaller is owned by the founder duo, angels and VC company Open Ocean. For more information visit or download Truecaller at
About Open Ocean Open Ocean is a leading early-­?stage venture capital company with a particular emphasis on European software start-­?ups deploying user base or community business models. Open Ocean was the first major owner of MySQL AB, which was sold to Sun Microsystems for $1 billion in 2008. Above and beyond many venture capital firms, Open Ocean is able to leverage its direct experience as the founders of MySQL to provide hands-­?on support to the management of companies receiving Open Ocean?s funding. Open Ocean Fund Three is supported by the European Union through the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP). For more information, visit us at

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Truecaller is Top-1 on Mozambican App Store!

Truecaller has been growing in an extremely fast pace in the Africa region recently. Just yesterday Truecaller was the most downloaded app on the Mozambican App Store!

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Truecaller Reaches 5 Million Users Milestone!

We are more than glad to exhibit our joy and bliss that we have hit another great milestone at Truecaller! You guys are fantastic, and we feel very much obliged!

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Truecaller Now Available for Symbian S40 - Making Number Search Available For Everybody!

You might ask yourself why we put an effort in developing for low-end phones such as the Symbian S40, but before you criticize or make any judgment hear us out. Back in mid-2009, me and my co-founder Nami Zarringhalam discovered a problem we wanted to solve. We were constantly getting phone calls from abroad, either by friends, relatives or work related calls that we didn?t have the numbers to. The dilemma we faced was that it was impossible to lookup their number ? because there wasn?t any service that could do reverse number lookups worldwide. In Sweden, where we are located there are a couple of services where you can type in a phone number and you get the name of the owner of the phone. But where do you turn to if you want to identify a phone number from India, Jordan, or even the US? Either the services were non-existent or the information was poor and very expensive, so we set out to build a service with a simple belief: number lookup and people search should be available no matter where you are in the world - and Truecaller was born. Since the very beginning, our mission has always been to make Truecaller available on all connected devices ? where Symbian was one of the first platform we developed for. We think that too many startups nowadays focus on creating products and services that only the high-end users can use. So we asked ourselves why would we exclude more than 1.5 billion people who use low-end mobile phones from our service? Today, we are proud to announce that Truecaller is available for Nokia S40 phones. We made a quiet beta-launch two weeks ago and we are impressed how huge the demand has been. Even though it?s not considered as a smartphone there are still possibilities to develop apps for S40 platform, and now it?s here. Being able to connect with people should be easy and free, and that?s what Truecaller does.


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Introducing Truecaller 2.90: Redesigned, Rebuilt and Reimagined

A little more than 6 months ago, we started to draft on the new design for Truecaller. Today, we present you Truecaller 2.90 for iPhone with a complete new logo, user interface and experience. This is a big moment for us, and we are more than excited to share it with you guys. Apart from the new design and experience we have also improved:
  • Easier Facebook integration
  • Improved update phonebook feature that brings photos to your contacts
  • Automatic Call Filter protection
  • New notification system
?Both me and Nami are so proud of the team that has put in so much effort in Truecaller. In 2009 me and Nami set out on a mission to make number search available globally, and give our users all the relevant information about the people the are communicating with. Now we are a little more wiser, a little more experienced, and with 4,5 million users and more than 60 million number lookup per month ? we are proud to present you Truecaller 2.90!? said Alan Mamedi, co-founder and CEO at Truecaller. Link to app:

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Truecaller Reaches 4 Million Users Milestone

We are exhilarated, ecstatic and euphoric. But most of all we are grateful for your support!

Thank you!

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Meet Daniel

Say Hello to Daniel! Daniel is our new iPhone guru that has a secret admiration for astronomy. In his free time he often thinks of how to exceed the speed of light and prefer to talk about Objective C (we know very iOS'ish). I'm Known For... Being the Apple guy My Current Project Designing & building my own house My Greatest Achievement Building my previous companies My Biggest Regret I only regret those things I didn?t do I Truly Respect Brave people Moments I'd Like To Forget I forgot them already? How I Pay For My Gadgets I always find something to sell to finance new gadgets Blocks I've Been Around SoHo Stockholm, Sapanca, Malapascua, Ösmo Things That Really Happened If my ancestors didn?t emigrate from Abkhazia for 100 years ago, I would have most likely be the Prince there today. Where I'd Like To Be 10 Years From Now In space Why Truecaller Great team with high ambitions My Other Website None for the moment   Personal What I'm Currently Addicted To... I have a big appetite for information and knowledge, and Thai food. This Is Annoying Me... People that thinks inside the box This Is Making Me Worry... The building permit for my new house I'm Running From... Bad weather This Is Making Me Think - Hard... How to exceed the speed of light and what?s at the end of the universe This Makes My Teeth Itch Injustice Can't Do Without My iPhone and my fiancée Favorite Voices Freddie Mercury & Ronnie James Dio My Most Awkward Moment When me and my family (who has the average height of 195 cm) standing in an elevator in Bangkok, and suddenly a couple of girls (with the average height of 150 cm) came in and started to laugh at us. My Secret Ambition To become the next Steve Jobs

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Truecaller Passes 3 Million User Mark

It is with a great pleasure to announce that late last night, we passed the 3 million user milestone. Thank you all for supporting Truecaller -- we owe you 3,000,000 thanks!  

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