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Staff Spotlight: Hello, Sakina!


Sakina is quite the firecracker when it comes to marketing ideas! She has filled our HQ with a lot of personality.

What’s your job title?
Marketing Assistant

What do you do for fun?
I paint and bake!!!!

Where are you from?
Sri Lanka

What is your favorite thing about your home city?
The amazing beaches.

What languages do you speak?
English, Sinhala, Gujarati, Hindi, Urdu and Swedish (just a little more than the basic)

Why did you choose to work at Truecaller?
I love Innovation and Truecaller is just that!

You’re known for?
My creativity

Favorite Vacation spot:
Sri Lanka. And also Rome (even though I am yet to visit)

What technology would you need if you were trapped on a deserted island?
A beacon device, to send out a distress signal that can be picked up by any nearby places, ships etc.

Greatest Achievement:
Building a mobile service that won an award in Sri Lanka. Also the achievement of the “Orator” and “debater” award.

I Truly Respect:

Where I’d Like To Be 10 Years From Now:
A well-known professional marketing figure.

If you are interested in a fun and exciting career at Truecaller, check out our Careers page!

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Exclusive Nokia X Offer: Free 90 Days of Premium!

For a limited time only, new Nokia X users in selected countries can receive free 90 days of Truecaller Premium when they verify their number inside the Truecaller app! It's as easy as 1-2-3!

We will also be handing out giveaways in selected stores when you purchase a Nokia X Range, X, XL or X2 device! You might even end up with your photo on our social media pages with a #TrueNokiaX hashtag.

Download Truecaller for free on your Nokia X device by visiting the Nokia App Store

Offer available in: Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Iraq, Kuwait, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, Lebanon & Algeria

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Truecaller Tester Wins Best QA Award at Stockholm Testathon!


When it comes to finding bugs, our top pest control is our lead tester, Tanu! It was no surprise to us that she was the winner of the 'Best Quality Assurance Award,' which she received at Global App Testing's first Testathon in Sweden at the Spotify Headquarters.

A Testathon is similar to a hackathon, but for app testers to identify bugs and give solutions to why they are important to fix. The best testers will be awarded prizes for different categories including creative catergories like 'Funniest typo' and 'Talkative Person.'

During the Testathon, testers were split into teams of 5, and then were given 2 sessions (one to test Spotify's app, and another to test iZettle's). The testers worked together to report bugs, and give feedback on why fixing certain code was critical to the app's development for the users.

I got to know what people look for when testing at other companies, so it was nice to see other strategies and how people work differently and similar to me. -Tanu, Truecaller Senior Test Engineer

Quality Assurance Award
The award Tanu won, was based off of quality of the bug reports written and the value of the bugs found.

What was Tanu's secret to winning the Best Quality Assurance Award?
Many of the testers brought 1 iPhone and 1 Android - both of the latest model. However, Tanu brought a total of 6 devices that ranged from top of the line devices (iPhone 5s and HTC One X8), to low memory Androids, and even an iPhone 4s running on iOS 6. She was able to catch bugs that others might have missed when using only high end phones.

Love what we're doing? You may be our next Truecaller Team member! Visit out Careers site to see what we're up to!

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Born in the U.S.A, and working in Sweden!


In spite of the Fourth of July, we decided to sit down with our two American co-workers and pick their brain!

Tobias is originally from San Francisco, California and has recently moved from germany to join the Truecaller Team as a Release Manager. Lindsey is also from the West coast of the United States, hailing from Seattle, Washington. She is Truecaller's Community Relations Manager!

What is the most exciting thing about living abroad?
Tobias: Being able to experience a new culture at its roots.

Lindsey: I like being able to know I can be in Italy in 3 hours. It's also always exciting learning how other people have grown up - when it comes down to it, humans have pretty similar familiarities wherever you travel!

How can an American have an influence on working with a tech company in Stockholm, like Truecaller?
Tobias: You bring insight to the company that can only be derived from growing up in The U.S. We see things from the American perspective and this knowledge will be used to improve our product.

Lindsey: In my job, I handle the social media and help a lot with copy writing, so being a native English speaker has its perks. The U.S. is one of the toughest markets to break into from abroad, so hopefully having knowledge of my country will help market towards Americans.

How do you celebrate the 4th of July while abroad?
Tobias: I usually spend my 4th's with other Americans. We'll bring out grill, grab some steaks, and someone will make potato salad.

Lindsey: My mom always sents me a care package filled with American 4th of July stuff. Then, I usually try and make some weird red, white and blue cookie I found on Pinterest. Other than that, if there is no 4th of July party, thou shall become the 4th of July party!

What is your best discovery of food in Stockholm that reminds you of home?
Tobias: Stockholm recently became a big on burgers. The best burger I've had is at Pet Sounds Bar. If you're in town and want a good burger, go there first!

Lindsey: There is nothing like American food, but when abroad, you need to scavenge. There is a burger place called Vigårda that I have discovered. It is really tastey.

Do you need to speak Swedish while working in Stockholm?
Tobias: Not at Truecaller, our office language is English because we have many different nationalities working here. I can see you needing it if you work at a bank or something a bit more corporate.

Lindsey: Truecaller actually offers free Swedish lessons, which is wonderful because they want to help us get around while we live here. But to be honest, everyone here loves speaking English!

How do you survive the dark, cold winters in Sweden?
Tobias: I haven't experienced one yet.

Lindsey: America has blessed Sweden with Netflix.

What is your main advice for any American looking to work or travel abroad?
Tobias: Keep your options open but don't settle. Make sure you are well informed about the cities and countries you are applying in. Read up on housing, neighborhoods, recreational activities done by locals, and you may want to join an expat community. Although English may be spoken widely, integrating can be a difficult process. Finding people that are in the same boat as you can be comforting.

Lindsey: Moving abroad can be a hard decision, but it has been the best decision I have ever made. I have actually grown 'closer' to my family, and realized the things I took for granted while living at home. I think anyone who is looking for a change, an adventure, or about learning how people work in different parts of the world should at least once in their life live abroad.

Interested in Truecaller's job opportunities? Visit our careers page!

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Truecaller Becomes One Out of 24 Developers to Launch for Android Wear


Truecaller just got a lot more futuristic by joining Google Android Wear! We are one of 24 developers to bring an app to the Android Wear platform. Our Truecaller users can quickly get caller or contact information straight to their Android Wear wrist watch, and not even have to open their phones.

How It Works:
Any user who has Truecaller installed on their Android phone will be able to have the same information displayed on their Android wearable- this means they can ID an incoming call, or detect if the call is a known scammer.


  • Time saver! Just look at your wrist, and choose if it’s worth your time to answer your phone!
  • Less distractions of trying to grab your phone when someone calls. Just quickly glance at your wrist for caller information.
  • Always know who is calling

Truecaller integration is available for free on Google Play. Users will not need to take any extra steps to get the app working on their Android wearable. The app will automatically be installed on a paired with Android wearable devices if they have Truecaller app open on their Android phone.

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Mexican Phone Scam Spotted

Residents in Mexico beware, as even jail cells can't keep prisoners from scamming you! In a recent article by Bloomberg, prisoners are smuggling mobile phones into their cells, scanning public phone books, and making thousands of fraud calls a day to get money. These calls can range from ransom payments for make believe kidnapping or bank deposit to claim prizes that are not real. A successful deception earns an average bounty of 5,000 pesos ($385).

About 10,000 people a month report such telephone extortion calls to a citizen group that works with law-enforcement authorities in Mexico City. Kidnappings were up 21 percent last year in Mexico, creating an uneasy climate that extortionists can exploit. Prisons have failed to quell the illegal behavior with call-blocking technology..." Bloomberg, 2014

Even if jails have failed to block these calls, the people of Mexico can succeed. By installing Truecaller, the caller identification app, on your smartphone, you will not only be able to identify unknown numbers, but also add them to a personalized block list.

How to Protect Yourself with Truecaller:
Many scammers today are targeting cell phones, and it is up to us to protect our cell phones with the correct technology. Truecaller helps identify and block over 5 million spam calls a day. Our Truecaller users help each other by marking spam or fraud calls they have identified, so another user can be protected immediately. Each day, members of the Truecaller Community adds 75,000 new spam numbers to Truecaller's Top Spammers List to keep it constantly updated.

Truecaller is available for free on Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Symbian s60 and Series 40, and can be downloaded for free from your app store or the Truecaller website.

Read full article from Bloomberg here.

Cómo Protegerse con Truecaller?:
Muchos estafadores hoy están apuntando a los teléfonos celulares, y depende de nosotros proteger nuestros teléfonos celulares con la tecnología correcta. Truecaller ayuda a identificar y bloquear más de 5 millones de llamadas Spam al día. Nuestros usuarios ayudan unos a otros mediante el marcado de llamadas de Spam o de fraude que han identificado, por lo que otro usuario se puede proteger de inmediato. Cada día, los miembros de la comunidad Truecaller suman 75.000 nuevos números Spam a la lista Top Spammers de Truecaller para mantenerla constantemente actualizada.

Truecaller está disponible de forma gratuita en Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Symbian S60 y Series 40, y se puede descargar de forma gratuita desde su tienda de aplicaciones o el sitio web Truecaller.

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Truecaller’s One-Woman Team Behind Social Media

My iPhone beeps and buzzes at 7:30 am. I fumble to switch it off. As I think to myself “just another 10 minutes,” I sink down into my comforter. I hear another beep, and a buzz, and a double beep following it. It isn’t my alarm; it is my Twitter notifications going crazy every time someone mentions Truecaller. I stagger to the kitchen, grab a cup of joe, and sit out on my balcony overlooking the Swedish countryside, and open my phone. There are 508 notifications waiting to be read from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, and LinkedIn. I start responding to notification #1.

And that is just my Saturday.

Being a Community Manager of a global brand, such as Truecaller, means that no time is down time. Social Media is like an evolving amoeba of our prehistoric history. One day it has a tail, and the next day it has an arm with 5 fingers, metaphorically speaking of course. There is always something to learn. Social Media is alive every second of the day because we all live in different time zones, speak different languages, and have opinions about different ideas that we try to ‘trend’ or get the most ‘likes.’ This obsession with getting heard has always existed, but Social Media has erased country boundaries, and Google Translate has made it possible for me to be "fluent" in 80 different languages.

Truecaller’s Facebook page has recently hit 1 million ‘likes,’ our Instagram is snapping to 18,000 followers, and Twitter is chirping to 67,000! For a person who lives and breathes social media, this is a gift from the social heavens to reach this sort of success, and it is extremely interesting and fun to work with.

What is a social media marketer's secret to reaching these high numbers and keeping it alive?

Patience, love, and being real. That's my secret to social media. Tweet: Patience, love, and being real. That's my secret to social media.

Like most social media marketers, I am always learning how to get the most reach for my posts. But I am a real person behind every tweet, post, like, and most importantly, the response. I do not believe in scheduling auto-posts/tweets or giving canned responses when people are looking for help. If social media is about being social…why would I post something when I am not sitting there to analyze and react to the response? This may sound time consuming, but it makes all the difference. As a consumer myself that turns to social media for support issues, or giving praise, I like to mimic positive results of how other companies treat me. This means retweeting users, responding with a personal note to support issues, informing where to find information, and digging deeper into my listening skills to what people are saying about my brand. The followers who are Truecaller's users come first in everything we do, and in social media, it is no different!

How Does Truecaller use Social Media at Headquarters?
We like to document behind the scenes of how we make Truecaller for our 65 million users. I use our Instagram account to snap photos of our office, fun projects, silly moments, and our cute office dog, Lady. We are, after all, people just like you making a product to help the daily lives of our users and us!

We have a big screen in our work room that has a feed of what our users say about Truecaller on Twitter. This helps the developers stay in the loop of what people are saying about the product they create. So next time you tweet, say hello to our devs!

I use MetroTwit (which has unfortunately stopped developing new updates for desktop due to Twitter changing their API. But it is available for Windows 8 as an app) to see what is happening live on all of the channels we post information on. I can track keywords too, and follow hashtags. This helps to react to conversations I might never know about if I simply used the native website. Other tools I recommend are Hootsuite (Website based), TweetBot (for smartphones), and TweetDeck (Macs).

What is the best advice about social media marketing you have ever heard?
Don’t post something on social media if it is not amazing. Because if you post just to ‘fill’ a time slot, then your followers won’t think it is interesting.

See you on the web, Truecaller fans! Don't forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and LinkedIn for updates about all things Truecaller!

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Truecaller Brand Ambassadors Feed the Need with Love

Guest post by Juzer Kaed, Hamza Alibhoy, and Avishka Mendis: Truecaller Brand Ambassadors from Sri Lanka.

'Bada Gini!' is a food review blog with a cause. Two boys riding around cities on a motorcycle looking for hotspots to eat at, waiting to share the experience with their reader base from more than 45 countries around the world. The final aim however lies in serving Sri Lanka's community, supporting tourism growth and also running projects to feed the hungry. In Sinhala language 'Bada' means tummy and 'Gini' means fire, both words when put together forms the meaning 'hunger', which refers not only to their passion for food blogging but their effort to feed hungry children.

Avishka Mendis and Juzer Kaed, who are Bada Gini's two man team, along with Hamza Alibhoy, are the Truecaller 'Truecrew' Brand Ambassadors representing Sri Lanka. Truecaller partnered with 'Bada Gini!' on one of their community projects, and with the help of some friends, they visited a special needs school for the day, and spent time singing, drawing and feeding the children. They were given Truecaller drawing books at the start, and they spent time drawing pictures and learning the alphabet.

Image Image

After spending some time singing and dancing, the children were provided with a delicious meal of fried rice, chicken, veggies and curry sauces. Feeding them ice-cream after was one of the emotional moments as the children who are affected by a range of disorders such as cerebral palsy, severe hyperactivity, downs syndrome, and slow learning disability, were not able to pick up a popsicle and eat it themselves. After their spent day with Badagini and Truecaller, as their parents came to pick them up, they walked away with huge smiles and a goody bag full of Smarties, fruity Mentos, gummy bears and other candy!

Image Image

Most of these children come from extremely poor homes. Each of them has a story about them; a story of hardship with their lives and for their families. When planning our charity event, we were particular about finding a place which really needs our help, and we did find such a place. We hope to partner with Truecaller again, and do more projects such as these in the future to work towards making our presence in these countries beneficial not only for the mobile applications market, but also for the people in their communities who have needs such as these.

Like Juzer, Hamza and Avisha's post? Send them a Tweet! Tweet: Hey @Juzer03, @Avi_Mendis, & @Halibhoy! Great guest post on Truecaller's blog:

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Staff Spotlight: Hello, Maria!

Image Meet Maria! She started her Truecaller career as a consultant, but we just had to hire her full time because of her great attitude, and her impeccable skills at recruitment.

What’s your job title?
Recruitment & Employer Branding Specialist

What do you do for fun?
Play and listen to music, hang out with my friends and be creative in different ways

Where are you from?
Ljungby, a small town in southern Sweden

What is your favorite thing about your home city?
You can do real bargains at the second hand stores there

What languages do you speak?
Swedish, English, some French and Italian, I also studied some Latin but don’t test me on that..

Why did you choose to work at Truecaller?
I wanted to work with a fun product that I strongly believe in, and I was also drawn to the dedicated and genuine atmosphere here.

Favorite thing to do in Stockholm:
Take long walks in the streets, by the water and go out in the archipelago

You’re Known For…
I would like to believe that’s my DJ mixes. Check them out:

Favorite Vacation spot:
Les Calanques, outside Marseille, France. It’s seriously beautiful.

What technology would you need if you were trapped on a deserted island?
I would rather choose one of my best friends!

Greatest Achievement:
Taking my driver’s license after a lot of years’ practice

I Truly Respect:
Passionate musicians and artists

Where I’d Like To Be 10 Years From Now:
In my best thirties

What I’m Currently Addicted To… All things that smell and taste citrus

My worst fear!

Can’t Do Without
Cheese and chocolate

My Secret Ambition
To be a good pianist

My favorite song:
Has to be La Ritournelle with Sébastien Tellier

My hidden talent…
I’m good at remembering song lyrics, I can sing the whole song Sukiyaki by Kyu Sakamoto in Japanese (without knowing what any word means in it..)

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Truecaller Speaking at Tech Open Air in Berlin!


Join us in Berlin next month at the Tech Open Air event! Our co-founder and CEO, Alan Mamedi, will be giving a presentation on Truecaller's evolution from an app made just for him and his co-founder, to being used by 70 million people!

More information about how to attend and register for the Tech Open Air event, please go to their website:

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