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Truecaller Helps Travelers

Guest Post by Truecrew Brand Ambassador and CEO of Aroma Ventures, Jonathan Merrill

For two years, the crew of the Vagabundus Project traveled to over twenty countries. They went through life wanting to explore the deepest aspects of adventure they could find. After selling every belonging, they could either stop and rebuild an established life or follow the rabbit hole deeper. The Vagabundus crew realized some life essentials they’d rid their lives of might actually be useful once again. The first of these possessions was a smartphone. After a year of being without one, they picked up an old iPhone and set out trying to rejoin the cellular community. One of the first apps they downloaded was Truecaller.
aroma-ventures Before they sold everything to gather money for traveling, they had secure numbers they rarely let out to strangers. However, after they picked up “pay as you go numbers,” they found themselves getting calls from random numbers constantly while traveling from country to country. Many of these phone calls were from unwanted callers just trying to sell or conduct surveys. Not used to the hassle of unwanted calls and still reluctantly getting back into the cell phone lifestyle, they quickly adopted Truecaller as their first line of defense from nuisance calls. aroma-ventures Now, a year later, they have been spreading the word about Truecaller to and their vagabond friends, and have been convinced that Truecaller is a must when you are traveling to new regions and unsure of the numbers you must exchange. With a unique vagabond lifestyle such as this, Truecaller is proud to have the Vagabundus crew as part of their Truecrew Brand Ambassadors. Amongst their travels, traveling as Brand Ambassadors can easily discover different cultural environments both culinary and technically. The Vagabudnus Project would not have been able to get their show together without the fantastic support that Truecaller provides by helping them manage their networks and contacts, without being constantly distracted by multiple phone calls a week (If not daily!) that rang on their changing numbers. aroma-ventures The team of Vagabundus Projects is excited to go forth into foreign countries with their cell phones equipped with knowing that their numbers will stay protected from undesired phone calls. It will be very helpful that they can cross check numbers before moving on to another unknown region.

The Vagabundus Project will launch ‘AromaVentures’ in 2015 as the first ever socially interactive culinary travel show. Viewers are able to subscribe to the programs, and cook along with the professional chefs of The Vagabundus Project as they travel and discover new flavors and new lands.

To watch our Truecrew Brand Ambassadors travel with Truecaller on their cooking adventures, visit their kickstarter!

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Truecaller Launches Caller ID for Windows Phone 8: An Exclusive Partnership with Microsoft


We linked up with Microsoft to bring a unique and special partnership providing Truecaller live Caller ID for our Truecaller Lumia users who have upgraded to the latest Windows Phone 8.1. Truecaller is the first app to bring a live Caller ID functionality to the Windows Phone 8 platform. Now, when Truecaller users are using a 3G or WiFi connection, live Caller ID will identify numbers from all over the world, even if it is beyond what is written in the user's contact books.

“We are very happy to be able to support Truecaller in bringing this great functionality globally to Windows Phone for the first time. Our partnership goes back several years and we have seen that Truecaller is a very dedicated company focused on delivering a great service for its users,” says Mikael Stendahl, Head of Partner & Developer Relations at Microsoft.

Not only will Truecaller show the names of incoming calls that are not in your phonebook, but it will also notify you if one of those calls is a spam call reported by the 85-million user Truecaller Community.

And what is even cooler? We have a special promotion! When Windows Phone 8 Lumia users install or upgrade to Truecaller version 4.2 by October 30th, they will get 30 days of free Premium.

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Nominated for 'Company of the Year' Award for Mobilgalan 2014!


We are so proud to be nominated as for a Guldmobilen Award in the catergory of 'Company of the Year.' The winners for the Guldmobilen, put on by Mobil Business, will be announced on November 6th.

Our previous nominations and winnings at Mobilgalan:

2011: Winner of Best Utility App "Årets Mobiljen Nyttotjänst"
2013: Nominated for Best Skyrocketing Company "Årets raketoföretag”
2014: Nominated for Company of the Year "Årets Företag"

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Inspirational Words from Our Investors

Last week marked a new milestone. Not only did we celebrate new funding from Atomico, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB) and Sequoia Capital, but our new board members and Lebanese Brand Ambassador popped in on Friday to our Stockholm headquarters!


"The co-founders have great integrity, humility and resolve...these are humble leaders that put the team in front of everyone else." John Doerr, from KPCB, expresses to our Truecaller Team.


Team & Investor 'wefie'

Our Lebanese Truecrew Brand Ambassador, Bashir K. Osman, was flown from Qatar to our Stockholm headquarters to present how Users in Lebanon and Qatar use Truecaller, and also give us a better understanding of those technology cultures.

It was such an amazing experience and I really loved the whole team, they quickly invited me into the Truecaller culture. That's really priceless and something you don't find anywhere else. It has been an incredible day that will not be forgotten," says Bashir.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION The visit from our investors sparked a new kind of energy amongst our team, and we are looking forward to sharing this jounrey with our 85 million users!

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Staff Spotlight: Hello, Emmanuel!


Another iOS developer to complete our trio! We are looking forward to Emmanuel's skills to help take Truecaller to the next level.

What’s your job title?
iOS Developer

What languages do you speak?
French, English and started learning Swedish!

Where are you from?
Paris, France

What do you do for fun?
Hang out with my friends, travel and cook

What is your favorite thing about your home city?
Friends and food

Why did you choose to work at Truecaller?
Because it seems to be the perfect company for me

Favorite thing to do in Stockholm
Just walk in the city or go in the archipelago on warm summer days

You’re Known For...
Liking animals

Favorite Vacation spot:
Somewhere I've never been before

What technology would you need if you were trapped on a deserted island?
A boat to leave this boring island

Greatest Achievement
Putting all my life in two pieces of luggage when I moved to Sweden

Favorite Gadget
What I’m Currently Addicted To…

My worst fear
Running out of cheese

Can’t Do Without

My favorite song

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Requesting a Number Through Truecaller

Contact Requests work much like other types of requests, whereas the person on the other side of the request must accept before any contact information is exchanged. The following blog is to explain about the Truecaller number profile, and also how Contact Requests work.

This is a Truecaller User profile. As you can see, Alexander has uploaded a picture of himself, or has connected to a social media account of his choice, and has inserted his social network profile into his Truecaller number profile. IMAGE DESCRIPTION Notice how there is no number displayed on Alexander's profile. It is available, but Alexander needs to approve requests sent from people, in order for his number to be shared with the people he chooses. In order for people to send Contact Requests to Alexander, they need to first be Premium Truecaller users. You cannot get a number from Truecaller without the owner of the number approving your request. IMAGE DESCRIPTION He has three badges that represent his status inside the Truecaller app. The 'check' blue badge is the Verified Badge, which means his name is most likely his real name (Always look for the Verified Badge when accepting a call). The 'crown' orange badge is the 'Premium Badge.' He has either purchased a Premium account, or has 'earned' free versions by watching videos or downloading other apps from our Offer Wall. The third 'star' blue (and sometimes green) is the Ambassador Badge. This means he is a Truecaller Brand Ambassador, or superfan of our app! IMAGE DESCRIPTION The little number and silhouette in the corner of the Truecaller number profile shows the amount of people the person viewing Alexander's number profile has in common with Alexander. The higher the number, the more likely this is the person you are looking for in Truecaller. IMAGE DESCRIPTION

For more information on how Truecaller works, visit our How It Works page or Frequently Asked Questions on our website.

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Truecaller Gets $60 Million in New Funding from Atomico, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and Sequoia Capital


In the past year, we have reached higher, typed faster, coded stronger, and welcomed 30 smiling new full time employees to the big Truecaller family. But we are reminded that only a few years ago, Truecaller was just a spark of an idea in the minds of two engineers that believed anything could happen if they ‘gave it their all.’

It is today that we announce an incredible investment of $60 Million in new funding from Atomico, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB) and Sequoia Capital.

"We started by helping people manage their contact information and block spam calls, but this is just the beginning of what we can do for our users,” said Truecaller co-founder and CEO Alan Mamedi.

To help further our strategic direction of Truecaller, we proudly welcome to the board John Doerr from KPCB, Mattias Ljungman, Jerry Murdock, and joining as our special adviser, Atomico founder and Skype co-founder, Niklas Zennström.


The people who create the Truecaller app are just like you and those around you. We come to work, we grab our coffees and say hello to our colleagues – we are engineers, collaborators, parents, friends, philanthropists – and above all, lovers of the work we create at Truecaller. But what makes us different than other companies, is our utmost passion to make our product beneficial to the world, and also our dedication to listening to our 85 million users in order to solve a problem that no one has successfully solved in the past; putting an end to fraud, reducing telemarketing calls, and identifying who is calling, even if it’s from beyond your phonebook. The new funding will take us on an onward and upwards journey as we recruit some of the most talented Team members in the world, and bend the technology limits of what is possible in the app world.

To join our Truecaller Community in helping millions of people take control of their contact management experience, download Truecaller for free on iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and Nokia feature phones.

For more information about our job opportunities, please visit our Careers page!

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Staff Spotlight: Hello, Gleb!

IMAGE DESCRIPTION Welcome Gleb from Russia! We are thrilled to be extending the backend team, and looking forward to learning and solving challenges with our new team member.

What’s your job title?
I’m Java backend developer

What do you do for fun?
I like to ride my bicycle, talk with friends, read and discuss books, travel uninhabited areas, and you know, sometimes someone is wrong on the internet, and I just can’t leave it as is.

Where are you from?
I’m from Russia, Saint-Petersburg

What is your favourite thing about your home city?
There’s lot of history stuff around, the spirit of the old Empire times.

Why did you choose to work at Truecaller?
The application provides a lot of real value, I like when my work makes difference for many people.

Favorite thing to do in Stockholm
To lie on the warm rock, watching the trees, buildings and islands.

I Truly Respect
People who can acknowledge their flaws.

What I’m Currently Addicted To…
“Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality” book and all the stuff around it.

Visit our Careers page if you are interested in learning more about our team, and our available jobs.

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Our Co-Founder Makes First Public Appearance in India for ThinkMobile with Google

Think mobile. To millions of us, that simply means times are changing and moving towards a more technological world where we are always on the go, and accessing a majority of what we do through our mobile phones. However, 'thinking mobile' may have a different idea in the mind of co-founder and CSO of Truecaller, Nami Zarringhalam.

Truecaller was invited to give a keynote at ThinkMobile with Google, which was one of Google's biggest event in India this year. Thinking mobile was addressed in Nami’s keynote, specifically giving advice to developers about building apps for fast growing markets, and how app designers should consider how their app will work on low-end phones.

This was a first public appearance of a Truecaller founder at a major event in India. We look forward to many more in the near future! IMAGE DESCRIPTION

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Truecaller Supports Canfi Charity in Sri Lanka

Guest post by Sri Lankan Truecaller Brand Ambassadors Avishka Mendis, Juzer Kaed and Hamza Alibhoy

Greetings from Sri Lanka!

We are happy to report back with good news from an event held last week in Colombo. Truecaller was a sponsor at the Canfi 2014 walk against cancer, where a few hundred youngsters paraded the streets of Colombo spreading awareness of the disease which claims many lives each year. The proceeds were donated to the Maharagama cancer hospital. The Truecaller banner and Brand Ambassadors were given a spot up on a Double Decker bus, which was one of the main highlights of the parade! We had a great time sitting up there and watching the spectacle, as the crowds cheered and marched on with so much of energy. We passed out Truecaller pens while being perched on the top deck and watched as the participants enthusiastically grabbed them when we chucked them overboard!

The parade ended up at a charity carnival with performances by guest musicians, and appearances by Sri Lankan celebrities. Here, we had the opportunity to speak with a large audience about Truecaller and send some of them home with our Truecaller branded merchandise. There were many app users who wanted to know more, and we spent some time introducing the application and its functions to some very interested individuals on a one to one basis! IMAGE DESCRIPTION

What made us really happy, was that there were many Truecaller users among the participants, and it was great to meet people who offered us positive feedback. Ragulan Roy (age 21), is one such person:

“Well, it's a fantastic app! It helps me find out the spam calls and saves me time from them. I would rate it 5 out of 5."

Tharinda Basnayake (age 21) described the app as an 'innovation that is extremely useful for smartphone users. It is non-invasive and extremely useful if you network extensively.'

Lahiru Fernando (age 23) was introduced to Truecaller by one of his friends - 'My jaw-dropped seeing how this app digs for data and tracks the names of completely unknown callers who I do not have in my contact list!' I use it mainly to help me get details of the unknown callers and to block spam and unnecessary contacts'. We were able to see that more people are now aware of the application, and using it daily. Their responses provided us with valuable information which will undoubtedly be useful for the improvements and updates which are constantly released by the team in Stockholm to provide a better customer experience for our users.

As usual, our brand ambassador presence at events is about having some fun ourselves. Inspired by a prank we pulled on our friends earlier that day, we went around the whole carnival sticking Truecaller stickers on people's backs. It was simply hilarious to watch participants join in, using creative ways to tag their friends without being caught! During our giveaway, we announced that the first few 'tagged' people to run onstage and shout out 'I AM A TRUECALLER!!' would walk away with prizes. Everyone interacted with us, and the response from the crowd was great.

All in all, it was a great day!

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