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The Evolution of Caller ID

Caller ID was only invented in the 70’s and introduced to landline telephones in the late 80’s. Since the invention of the telephone, technology has obviously become smarter and communication between people has become stronger. Mobile phones are carried everywhere, and sometimes people feel ‘incomplete’ without them. You could even say that the mobile phone is a person’s most cherished accessory in their daily lives. IMAGE DESCRIPTION

This also means that communication has become easier, and just about anyone can contact each other at any time of the day. We can all agree that our mobile phones are very personal to us, so what happens when we receive a call from a number we do not recognize?

We asked some of our users how they used to identify unknown calls before they installed the Truecaller app.

“Had no any means [to identifying the call] only to identify the voice - which was so challenging,” said a user from England.

“It was very tiring because I would call them back if they didn't pick from my number, I [would] try calling from other numbers. Some would pick and refuse to identify themselves and so I felt that I had nagged and wanted to know who they are,” said a Truecaller user from Africa. “I would send some amount on the Mpesa or Airtel money [calling] to the numbers, and so I ended up having used a lot.”

“My policy was not picking up calls from a number I haven’t saved, but if you called for the second time I would pick up.”

The introduction of Truecaller changed our frustration and helped make identifying calls less challenging. Truecaller is an app that transforms your phonebook with smart features such as live Caller ID, number and name lookup, and helps discover people you may know. It also verifies and customizes your own number profile to let people know who you actually are when you call them.

We like to think if Alexander Graham Bell had invented the telephone with the technology of today, the idea of identifying a caller from anywhere in the world would have been a possibility. Then again, today it is with Truecaller.

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Ambassadors Working with Truecaller to Create an Awesome App

Blog Post by Truecrew Brand Ambassador Puneet Singhania from Mysore, India

Caption: Love my Truecaller tee!

I am a proud user of Truecaller and the new app Truedialer by Truecaller. The love for the product encouraged me to become a Brand Ambassador for the company. Proud to say that I am a part of one such esteemed organization. Truecaller has helped me in various ways. I use Truedialer as the default dialer on my phone, which replaces my standard dialer with better features and options. Truecaller on the other hand, helps me to identity any unknown numbers. This mean that it tells me who is calling before I answer the phone. One great feature that impresses me is the spam block. It helps me block unwanted calls from telemarketers and other fraudulent calls. No more prank calls for me!

Check out my tutorial video about Truecaller!

I am totally in love with Truecaller. It is such a great app which is easy to use with a smooth and trendy interface. I used to spend hours or even days looking up a lost friend’s number, but with the help of Truecaller everything is as easy as having a world’s phonebook in your palms. Apart from just using the 2 apps Truedialer and Truecaller, it has given me the opportunity to be a member of the Truecrew. This helps me to meet other ambassadors around the world, make friends, make my network stronger, grow, gain knowledge and learn new cultures and the way Truecaller works in different countries. Helping me to add this as a great experience in my life and CV. The greater reason is I get to meet the team behind this awesome app. Especially Sakina and Lindsey, the leaders of the Truecrew from the Stockholm HQ. Both have a friendly and a helpful attitude to encourage my stay as an ambassador and help me to learn and strive.

Do you want to Join 85 million users across the world? Then download Truecaller now by visiting your app store or Are you already a user and love the app? Wondering how to become a Brand Ambassador? Send across your application now to the Truecrew Brand Ambassador Program.

Like Puneet's post? Send him a Tweet! Tweet: Hey @PSinghania123! Great guest post on Truecaller's blog:

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Truecaller Talks at MENA ICT in Jordan

Our co-founder and CSO, Nami Zarringhalam joined hundreds of the biggest tech influencers in Jordan at MENA ICT 2014.

Just in case you missed it, Nami spoke about Truecaller's milestones and successful strategies.

Our co-founder and CSO, Nami Zarringhalam at MENA ICT in Jordan

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Truecaller Awarded Company of the Year!

Five years ago, Truecaller was a company of two student engineers with an idea to make something bigger in the technology world. Today, we stand as a company of 55 international minds coming from different corners of the world to make a service that stretches to the smallest villages and spreads through the streets of the biggest cities. Truecaller is a service created for you, for us, and anyone in the world who wants to unmask the mystery we are sometimes left with modern day communication. caption: Truecaller Team members standing amongst other Guldmobilen winning companies Last night, we received the 'Company of the Year' Guldmobilen Award. Our fellow nominees were some of the most amazing and successful companies in Sweden. With our win, we prove that the dream of a startup can be driven simply on a passion to innovate on an idea that will be useful to the world; and to think beyond the small size of a team or a bootstrapped budget.

This award, although it marks a milestone in our company history, it is only a mile marker on our climb to reaching the top of our journey through the technology world.

We thank our 85 million users for being on our team as we make the climb to create a service of true communication near and far.

If you are interested in joining our journey, we are hiring!

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Brand Ambassador of the Month: Avishka!

We have a great set of Truecrew Brand Ambassadors that are hitting the streets and telling their communities about the Truecaller app. This November, we want to highlight Avishka from Sri Lanka and his achievements in the Truecrew. IMAGE DESCRIPTION


  • Creative offline campaigns to highlight Truecaller's features
  • Ranked #1 for Truecaller's October Leaderboard for most social influence (Follow him! @Avi_Mendis)
  • Meets with Truecaller users in neighboring countries
  • Passionate attitude, and great team contributor

Why did you want to get involved with Truecaller's ambassador program?
I wanted to be a Truecaller ambassador because it was a rare opportunity that came my way, working with the worlds largest verified mobile phone community is a pretty big deal for me! It offered a chance to meet other advocates from around the world, challenged my creativity as a marketer and most of all it offered a chance to be mentored by Truecaller's A-Team over in Stockholm!

How does team work effect being a brand ambassador?
Teamwork is essential in our duties as brand ambassadors. I meet with my fellow ambassadors Hamza and Juzer at least twice a week and we do dedicate some time to discuss how we can really take Truecaller out to the people. We exchange the feedback we receive from users and update each other on knowledge of social media tools and marketing techniques. Hamza is a great photographer/designer, and Juzer knows his social media, I'm into marketing strategy, so we combine our efforts!

You do a lot of charitable work in Sri Lanka. What are your main goals this year with your work?
To be completely honest, I want to see communities become more self sustainable. My work with NGO's mostly target post war reconciliation, poverty, and the development of livelihoods. I have had a successful year with many projects completed, however there is no limit to how much can be done for my country right now. There are many people who need help, and I would like to work to give them an education, encouragement and entrepreneurial support. This year I really want to help people help themselves. It lasts longer. 'Catch a fish and you can feed a man for a day, teach him to fish and he will be fed for a lifetime'! IMAGE DESCRIPTION Why do you think Truecrew Brand Ambassadors are important in Sri Lanka?
Having Truecaller ambassadors in Sri Lanka allows your brand to engage with the people, reaching out to a more local network. It also helps in identifying the needs of the people and understanding what uses Truecaller might have in this particular culture.

What motivates you?
When it comes to Truecaller related work it is the constant communication between us and headquarters that motivates me. I feel like they have given us a great deal of responsibility of trust with their brand, which means they must really believe in us. Lindsey and Sakina never fail to drop us a message and tell us we did good, no matter how simple the task. That makes me want to do better!

Gadgets of choice
Right now the gadget my entire life depends on is a Samsung S4 Zoom. It is not a common choice of mobile phone, but I wanted a phone with a high quality camera which can shoot pictures for my food blog! It comes with an external rotatable lens which makes it quite a bulky phone, but I love it!

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How to Make Truedialer Your Default Dialer

Truedialer replaces your old, slow and boring dialer for the quickest and most convenient way to find your contacts.

How to make Truedialer your default dialer on Android
Step 1: Remove your phone's standard dialer from your main screen
Step 2: Go to the Truedialer app and long press it
Step 3: Drag Truedialer to your main dock on your phone (where your old contact manager used to be)

Now when you click on any number link, you will be prompted to set Truedialer as your default dialer! Truedialer is downloadable for free on Android and Windows Phone!

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How to get Caller ID on Xiaomi

In the past, we have noticed our Xiaomi users having problems with discovering how to get their Caller ID to function properly for Truecaller. The solution to this problem is simple:

Truecaller users with Xiaomi devices should open their settings, and do the following for their Truecaller to show Caller ID:

If you are still having problems, please contact our support.

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Welcome to the family, Truedialer!


Since the first sighting of the Android smartphone back in 2008, many of the phone's native apps have gone through improvements throughout the years; except the dial pad. Let's just say it is 'ordinary' and has been in much need of a new look and way of searching for the people you want to contact.

It is for this reason the Truecaller Team has developed, and is introducing, Truedialer, one of the most useful, and easy to use dialer apps for Android and Windows Phone.

How Truedialer works

Automatically search for information about a number you are dialing. As you type in a number, Truedialer seamlessly searches your own contact list and Truecaller’s database of over a billion numbers. You can instantly learn the name of an individual or business belonging to a number you dial, even if they’re not in your contact list.

The difference between Truedialer and Truecaller
For starters, they are two different apps! Truecaller helps people navigate the complexity of knowing who is calling them by blocking nuisance calls from numbers they don't know, and identifying incoming calls.

Our new service Truedialer, on the other hand, is a completely separate area of the phone (the keypad dialer), and will help users find who they are looking for when they are ready to make a call. If the person is in your phonebook – Truedialer will find them – and if the person is not in your phonebook, Truedialer will look into the Truecaller service to help find the right contact. Users can expect Truedialer and Truecaller to complement each other to form the perfect phonebook experience.

You can get your hands on our exciting new app, Truedialer for Android and Windows Phone!

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Staff Spotlight: Hello, Dejan!


Say hello to Dejan from Macedonia!

What’s your job title?
Product Owner

What languages do you speak?
English, Macedonian, and rest of slavic languages

Where are you from?

What do you do for fun?
Watching movies, making dinner for my beloved, analyzing "what-if", adding the “cherry on the top”

What is your favorite thing about your home city?
Well, it is not the best city in the world, but it’s the one that makes me feel like I’m at home

Why did you choose to work at Truecaller?
Who wouldn’t? Seriously? All day you are surrounded with smart people, enthusiasm is on steroids, millions of users waiting on your new release... who doesn't like that?

Favorite thing to do in Stockholm?
Acting like a Viking even if you know you are not

You’re Known For…
Asking a lot of "why" and sarcastic humor

Favorite Vacation spot:
I’m really easy on this one... if there is nature with less people, then sounds like perfect vacation to me

What technology would you need if you were trapped on a deserted island?
Time-machine or Teleport will be handy

Greatest Achievement
Being appreciated for the things that I've done

Favorite Gadget
Whatever Apple-gadget... I want them all

What I’m Currently Addicted To…
Netflix, Spotify and chocolate muffins

My worst fear!
I’ll wake up one day and there will be no Internet

Can’t Do Without
I admire Maslow's hierarchy of needs, so can’t make up my mind now… the answer is constantly changing

My favorite song
Gary Jules - Mad World

My hidden talent
Well... they'll pop-up, lets be modest

For more information about Truecaller jobs, check out our career page!

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Truecaller Helps Travelers

Guest Post by Truecrew Brand Ambassador and CEO of Aroma Ventures, Jonathan Merrill

For two years, the crew of the Vagabundus Project traveled to over twenty countries. They went through life wanting to explore the deepest aspects of adventure they could find. After selling every belonging, they could either stop and rebuild an established life or follow the rabbit hole deeper. The Vagabundus crew realized some life essentials they’d rid their lives of might actually be useful once again. The first of these possessions was a smartphone. After a year of being without one, they picked up an old iPhone and set out trying to rejoin the cellular community. One of the first apps they downloaded was Truecaller.
aroma-ventures Before they sold everything to gather money for traveling, they had secure numbers they rarely let out to strangers. However, after they picked up “pay as you go numbers,” they found themselves getting calls from random numbers constantly while traveling from country to country. Many of these phone calls were from unwanted callers just trying to sell or conduct surveys. Not used to the hassle of unwanted calls and still reluctantly getting back into the cell phone lifestyle, they quickly adopted Truecaller as their first line of defense from nuisance calls. aroma-ventures Now, a year later, they have been spreading the word about Truecaller to and their vagabond friends, and have been convinced that Truecaller is a must when you are traveling to new regions and unsure of the numbers you must exchange. With a unique vagabond lifestyle such as this, Truecaller is proud to have the Vagabundus crew as part of their Truecrew Brand Ambassadors. Amongst their travels, traveling as Brand Ambassadors can easily discover different cultural environments both culinary and technically. The Vagabudnus Project would not have been able to get their show together without the fantastic support that Truecaller provides by helping them manage their networks and contacts, without being constantly distracted by multiple phone calls a week (If not daily!) that rang on their changing numbers. aroma-ventures The team of Vagabundus Projects is excited to go forth into foreign countries with their cell phones equipped with knowing that their numbers will stay protected from undesired phone calls. It will be very helpful that they can cross check numbers before moving on to another unknown region.

The Vagabundus Project will launch ‘AromaVentures’ in 2015 as the first ever socially interactive culinary travel show. Viewers are able to subscribe to the programs, and cook along with the professional chefs of The Vagabundus Project as they travel and discover new flavors and new lands.

To watch our Truecrew Brand Ambassadors travel with Truecaller on their cooking adventures, visit their kickstarter!

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