About us.

Truecaller is a Swedish company founded in 2009 in Stockholm, Sweden by Nami Zarringhalam and Alan Mamedi. The app began when our co-founders were just students who wanted to create a service that would easily identify incoming calls from unknown numbers.

Today, Truecaller is loved by over 330 million monthly active users around the world, and is the go-to app for Caller ID and spam blocking.

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Why we exist.

Remember the days when the phone rang and you didn’t know who it was? Back then, we felt a need to know who contacted you, as well as those you wanted to avoid. Truecaller was born out of this. To remove uncertainty. To separate signal from noise.

We can gladly say those days of uncertainty are over with Truecaller. We are committed to build that trust everywhere by making tomorrow's communication safer, smarter and more efficient. No matter if it’s in the beginning of a call, in the middle of a transaction or at the end of a signature.

Our story

Today, Truecaller is loved by over 330 million monthly active users around the world, and is the go-to app for Caller ID and spam blocking.


Nami Zarringhalam and Alan Mamedi, 2 engineering students, put a Caller ID app on an internet forum that racks up 10,000 installs in a week. The app was originally launched on Symbian and Microsoft Windows Mobile and later the same year on Android and Apple iPhone.


Word of mouth makes Truecaller burst into the top 3 apps of Jordan and Lebanon.


Truecaller expands to India, opening the first of 3 offices. The app was released for Blackberry, Windows Phone and Nokia Series 40.


Truecaller reached 10 million users globally.

19 million USD was acquired in a financing round led by Sequoia Capital (an early investor in Apple, Zoom and WhatsApp, among other companies) and existing investor OpenOcean.


Acquired an additional USD 60 million in a financing round led by Atomico (Niklas Zennström's fund), Sequoia Capital and Kleiner Perkins (early investor in Google, Amazon and Spotify).


SMS is added to the suite of communication features offered.


Launch of the advertising platform, which enabled revenue generation from the product for the first time.


Reached 100 million monthly active users globally.

Started a subsidiary in India and built a local organisation.


Launched the subscription service as a second source of revenue generation.


Reached 200 million active users globally and 150 million in India.

Truecaller becomes a top-3 communication app in India.


Truecaller hits the milestone of 250 million monthly active users and 500 million registered users.

Launch of "Truecaller for Business", the company's first B2B product as a third source of revenue generation.


Half of Indian smartphone users on Truecaller!


In October Truecaller is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm and in November the company reaches the significant milestone of 300 million active users.