Against Harassment

The following videos are unscripted interviews and real stories from women who faced call and message harassment. Hear their stories, and join the conversation by sharing your experiences. #ItsNotOK

It starts with an innocent ‘Hi,’ ‘Hello,’ ‘How are you?’
But never ends there.

No matter where you are, who you are and what you do, these calls and messages seem to mutate into an ugly truth that we’ve grown to accept as a normal behaviour pattern.

‘Chalta hai’ attitude.

For decades, we’ve talked about it behind closed doors, between friends, or handed our phones to others, but never took a stand.
Harassment over a call, lewd and inappropriate messages crawl up into our phones every day. We ignore them, grow numb towards them, but this is not normal.

It’s time to identify this faceless monster and bring them to light.
It’s time to say this is not normal.
It’s time to rise, speak up, take a stand and tell them – It’s not Ok.

Join us in saying #ItsNotOK
There is no better time than now.

1 out of 3 women in India receive sexual and inappropriate calls or SMS.
Out of these women, 52% gets inappropriate and sexual related calls at least once a week.
Anonymous74%Stalker23%Known person11%
On average, 74% of these calls and texts were anonymous, 23% made by stalkers, and 11% from a known person.
8 in 10 women felt irritated or angry with these kind of harassment calls.
Three-fourths (74%) of the women has taken measures against these calls.
96% of all women surveyed have used Truecaller, and 66% use it to protect their privacy.
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True experiences, unscripted.

Sameera, 26

Lalrinmawii, 21

Manika, 22

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Rise up to block and report harassment

Block the number with Truecaller.
92% of women surveyed took this approach.

Activate DND.
55% took this approach

Report to police
38% of women filed a complaint.

National police helpline: 100
Women in distress helpline: 1091

Speak up
Don’t let harassment become normalized. Tell someone you trust if you are being harassed. It’s your right to say #ItsNotOK


If you are a fighter against harassment or wanting to speak your mind, we encourage you to help spread awareness of your stories, your support, or the stories of the women interviewed. Let’s together make an impact against harassment by saying #ItsNotOK.

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