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Truecaller Supports Canfi Charity in Sri Lanka


Sep 23, 20143 min readEdited on Feb 24, 2016

Guest post by Sri Lankan Truecaller Brand Ambassadors Avishka Mendis, Juzer Kaed and Hamza Alibhoy

Guest post by Sri Lankan Truecaller Brand Ambassadors Avishka Mendis, Juzer Kaed and Hamza Alibhoy

Greetings from Sri Lanka!

We are happy to report back with good news from an event held last week in Colombo. Truecaller was a sponsor at the Canfi 2014 walk against cancer, where a few hundred youngsters paraded the streets of Colombo spreading awareness of the disease which claims many lives each year. The proceeds were donated to the Maharagama cancer hospital. The Truecaller banner and Brand Ambassadors were given a spot up on a Double Decker bus, which was one of the main highlights of the parade! We had a great time sitting up there and watching the spectacle, as the crowds cheered and marched on with so much of energy. We passed out Truecaller pens while being perched on the top deck and watched as the participants enthusiastically grabbed them when we chucked them overboard!

The parade ended up at a charity carnival with performances by guest musicians, and appearances by Sri Lankan celebrities. Here, we had the opportunity to speak with a large audience about Truecaller and send some of them home with our Truecaller branded merchandise. There were many app users who wanted to know more, and we spent some time introducing the application and its functions to some very interested individuals on a one to one basis!


What made us really happy, was that there were many Truecaller users among the participants, and it was great to meet people who offered us positive feedback. Ragulan Roy (age 21), is one such person:

“Well, it’s a fantastic app! It helps me find out the spam calls and saves me time from them. I would rate it 5 out of 5.”

Tharinda Basnayake (age 21) described the app as an ‘innovation that is extremely useful for smartphone users. It is non-invasive and extremely useful if you network extensively.’

Lahiru Fernando (age 23) was introduced to Truecaller by one of his friends – ‘My jaw-dropped seeing how this app digs for data and tracks the names of completely unknown callers who I do not have in my contact list!’ I use it mainly to help me get details of the unknown callers and to block spam and unnecessary contacts’. We were able to see that more people are now aware of the application, and using it daily. Their responses provided us with valuable information which will undoubtedly be useful for the improvements and updates which are constantly released by the team in Stockholm to provide a better customer experience for our users.

As usual, our brand ambassador presence at events is about having some fun ourselves. Inspired by a prank we pulled on our friends earlier that day, we went around the whole carnival sticking Truecaller stickers on people’s backs. It was simply hilarious to watch participants join in, using creative ways to tag their friends without being caught! During our giveaway, we announced that the first few ‘tagged’ people to run onstage and shout out ‘I AM A TRUECALLER!!’ would walk away with prizes. Everyone interacted with us, and the response from the crowd was great.

All in all, it was a great day!


Sep 23, 20143 min read

Diversity & Inclusion

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