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Call Completion Made Easier with Call Me Back Feature

Lindsey LaMont

Dec 23, 20162 min read

We’ve unleashed an exciting new addition that takes our existing “Availability” feature on Android to a whole new level of aiding call completion. 

The Call Me Back (CMB) feature ensures when one user tries to reach another user, and sees if the person they had called is either busy, non-reachable or the call was rejected, there is a smart alternative to remind the receiver to call them back. The new feature is currently only available for Android.

We strive for innovation and commitment to make communication safer and more efficient for our users. This type of feature is something the telecom service providers have been aiming to accomplish for last mile call completion challenges due to issues with network connectivity or call/network congestion.

No credit in your mobile? Don’t worry #Truecaller is here to save the day with its new ‘Call me back’ Feature.— Mukkarram Hatim (@MukkaBroo) December 22, 2016

How It Works in 2 different Scenarios

Scenario 1: A call is made to a Truecaller user whose contact details are already saved in the caller’s phone book, but the receiver fails to answer the call due to:

  • Call gets disconnected
  • Call is rejected by the receiver
  • Call failed – which means the call never happened due to network failure or any other reason and the call duration is “zero”
  • And, more importantly, the call receiver (a Truecaller user) should have their “last seen” in the past 24 hours

Further, Truecaller users get a “pop-up” notification screen on top of their Truecaller or any android dialer, with two options prompting them to:

  • Ask to call back
  • Call again

When the caller chooses “Ask to call back,” a push notification will be sent to the receiver of the call in their Truecaller notifications.


Scenario 2: A Truecaller user tries to call another Truecaller user from Truecaller, and the other user (receiver) is either busy or on a call – then the Call Me Back feature prompts the caller with a pop-up notification with two options:

  • Ask to call back – notification will be sent to the receiver informing them to call back the number or the person who had to reach them in the first place
  • – the caller can still try to make calls to reach the user who might either be busy in another call or his mobile is inactive

This new feature is available for Android version 7.82 and above. 

Lindsey LaMont

Dec 23, 20162 min read


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