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How to Avoid Spam Calls During the Holidays

Lindsey LaMont

Dec 22, 20162 min read

Holiday season is upon us, even though we might all have vacation to deck the halls and ring in the New Year, it is still the biggest sales season for businesses. This means more spam calls could be coming your way.

Since we despise spam calls, we wanted to give you a few tips on how to avoid them this holiday season.

Install Truecaller

The Truecaller app is your #1 protection when it comes to staying spam free. In 2016 alone, Truecaller blocked 2.5 billion calls from bothering people. The Truecaller Community of more than 250 million people is actively reporting calls that are unwanted, so all our users experience real-time spam call protection and updates. Download for free!


Turn your phone off during Christmas dinner

We are all very connected in the digital world, but during the holidays we should be connected to those around us in the physical world. Side note: It’s the button on the side that will power your phone down. 😉

Turn your phone on airplane mode (and keep the WiFi on)

Switching the phone to airplane mode will not only stop any spam calls from coming in, but it will allow your phone to save battery throughout the day! In combination of WiFi, you will still be able to receive text messages or a VoIP call from your best friends.

Let your little cousin play a game on your phone

Want to bond with the little ones? Let them play the new racing game on your phone – if a spam call comes ringing, your cousin can answer the call.

If the spam calls keep coming, you can always opt to answer, turn on your favorite Christmas CD, and just put that on loop until they get the hint and hang up.

Happy Holidays!


Lindsey LaMont

Dec 22, 20162 min read


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