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Truecaller on iPhone VS Android

Lindsey LaMont

Nov 17, 20202 min read

With the long rivalry between Android and iPhone for which is the better platform, it has often been a source of humour for both of the phones to poke fun with each other. But what are the differences for how your apps, like Truecaller, work?

The Apple vs PC is one of the most notorious marketing campaigns Apple had against competitors in the 2000s. When it comes to app development on the phones, however, it is often a different story being told. The two operating systems are very different in terms of flexibility for app developers and why apps can look and work differently on each phone.

Truecaller on Android

Android operating systems allow much more freedom of creativity for developers when they design an app. This means there are less technical restrictions, but that also means many more permissions will be needed (Truecaller is a permission-based app, and many of them are optional).

Truecaller on Android has the capability to have a Live Caller ID, SMS inbox, Call History, and personalized settings from many combinations of how the user wants the app to run.

Truecaller on iPhone

The iPhone operating system (iOS) has always been considered more ‘closed’ or in tech terms ‘closed-source.’ This means that app developers cannot change details within the operating system to make features work like you expect them to. For example, Truecaller is not able to show a live caller ID (like it can on Android) because iOS does not allow third party apps to integrate with its calling system. Unless there is an API provided – which is what Apple has started to do with its Call Kit!

Other features the app is not able to do on iOS due to restrictions: Block incoming spam calls, identify incoming spam calls without a list being downloaded to the phone, show call history from calls made outside of the app, send SMS (it can only send chats between Truecaller users)

Ok, so what does Truecaller on iPhone do?

Lots of things! With the restrictions on iPhone being clear, our developers at Truecaller have designed different ways for the app to be useful to give a seamless experience. Here are just a few:

  1. Search Widgets – Use the ‘i’ button in your call log to search unknown numbers without opening the app
  2. Call Alerts – Get a notification before the call rings
  3. Caller ID between Truecaller users – Shows the name of the person calling
  4. Spam Caller ID – Updates and downloads top spammers ito stay protected
  5. Truecaller Voice – Crisp and clean Internet-based calling even on low internet connections!
  6. Call log with names – By using Truecaller as a phone app, your call log will show your call history
  7. Smart dialer – While you type in a number, Truecaller will identify it even if not saved in your phonebook

Lindsey LaMont

Nov 17, 20202 min read


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