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What Emoji is your Flash Favorite?

Lindsey LaMont

Jul 6, 20172 min read

We introduced Flash Messaging in Truecaller 8 to give our users a fast, fun, free and simple way to send messages to each other.  But what is the most fun and colorful way we interact today? Through emojis! 

With Flash Messaging on Android and iPhone, you just tap the lightning bolt icon next to a contact’s name and send them the most asked questions for any call. Ie: ‘Where are you?’ ‘Are you still coming?” “Want to have lunch?” etc.


We took a look at some of the most fun emojis to use on Flash Messaging for the best situations.

Where are you now?

🇬🇧 :  Send a flag to show your friends back home what country you are traveling to! You can also send them your location so they can ‘be in the moment’ with you.

What is the weather like?

☔ : No need to explain in detail. We know what those raindrops or sun rays mean.

Lunch? ?

🍔  : A friend can ask a question with emojis, and you can quickly respond within seconds!

Looking good today!

😍 = Nothing like a bucket full of hearts to show your appreciation!

What are you doing?

🏂 = Use an emoji to describe an activity!

Ready for vacation?

🏝💛 = You can use the ‘text’ option to send two emojis!

How’s life?

💩 = Life has ups and downs. Good thing there are always emojis to express this.

You can download Truecaller for free on Google Play and Apple App Store.

Lindsey LaMont

Jul 6, 20172 min read


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