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WomAndroid Hackathon: Woman Powered Coding

Lindsey LaMont

Nov 14, 20182 min read

Our first WomAndroid Hackathon, an all-woman powered coding event, took place last October at the Truecaller headquarters in the heart of Stockholm!

We partnered with Google Developer Group Android Stockholm, and invited women from all different programming levels to participate in WomAndroid Hackathon!

In 2019, we will be having workshops, after works, and more hackathons in the Stockholm area!

Theme: Build an app to help make the world more sustainable.

This year’s theme was inspired by UN’s 17 sustainable development goals. Read more.

Winning team: Best Before

Their app’s purpose is to reduce food waste through tracking purchases with many features to be implemented on how a person can choose the best recipes and preparation to save food.

The motivation for winning:
An app everyone can use in everyday life. It is useful and aligned with UN’s sustainable goals. The app has a commercial value and the execution was well done.

On top of that, the team had clean, structured and well-written code with chosen techniques and good teamwork!

Second prize winner: Green Footprint

This team’s idea is to track personal carbon emissions by entering personal actions like food consumption, transportation methods, water usage for showers, brushing teeth, etc.

Hackathon Lightning Talk themes at WomAndroid

1. “Remote and local control behavior of android application” by Olga Kuzmina – Android Developer at Truecaller who originates from Russia and thinks Stockholm has a perfect mixture of modern technologies and ancient history.

How to develop new features and keep existing ones in the scope of CI&CD process? How to change the behavior of the application in the required situation? How to improve QA experience?

2. “Who needs inheritance anyway? With Kotlin you don’t! Time to say goodbye to most of the base classes!” by Sevil Guler – Senior consultant at Netlight who likes running, basketball and dogs.

It is not surprising that most of us probably end up working on a project where we are dealing with over-inherited classes such as fragments or activities. We will talk about an alternative to inheritance concept called delegation pattern, which Kotlin supports natively and not surprisingly without requiring any boilerplate.

3. “Know your users, let A/B Testing help you.” by Jinyan Liu – Android Developer at Truecaller who loves BodyCombat and does voluntary work for Stockholm international film festival.

Gather early feedback from your users before safely rolling out new features. Let your users help with decision making. We will look at one A/B Testing case in Truecaller and talk about the details.

4. “Introduction to ARCore” by Kristina Simakova
Kristina is a Senior Software Engineer with 8+ years of experience in Android Application Development, backend, and Computer Graphics. She has been developing applications for different industries such as Oil and Gas, Maritime and Construction Industry, FinTech and EdTech. She has been specializing in Android, 3D visualization, VR and AR


Lindsey LaMont

Nov 14, 20182 min read


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