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How Truecaller Aims to Make a Difference in Every Indian's Life

Tara Anand Kumar

Aug 15th, 20224 min read

Though Truecaller has its roots in Sweden, India has become its second home, and the citizens of India its family. That's exactly why, we quirkily like to address ourselves as a Swe-Desi brand!

As India celebrates 75 years of Independence, we thought of stepping back and recalling some initiatives taken by us that have helped, and continue to serve, the citizens of India.

Access to crucial Helplines

Covid Helpline
During the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, the country saw a dire need to connect with reliable sources of help and information. While the need for medicines and medical attention increased amongst the people, scammers tried to take advantage of this situation.
To reduce the threat of falling into such diabolical scams, Truecaller integrated a Covid Healthcare Directory which brought together Covid-related points of interest, including all vaccination centres across the country, Covid designated hospitals, test centres and so on. Even today, you’ll find the national Covid Helpline pinned on the Quick Dial feature on the Truecaller app to enable prompt communication with the right authorities and medical experts if required. 

181 Women’s Helpline
Over the years, Truecaller has worked to raise awareness and incite action against the harassment of women, both online and offline. This year, we took this fight to the next level by inspiring women to call out harassment through our #ItsNotOK initiative. As a part of the initiative, we teamed up with the Delhi Commission for Women, the Delhi Police, and other integral authorities to strengthen this message of calling out harassment. The 181 National Women Helpline was added to Truecaller's homepage, which led to more women being aware of the availability of this helpline. Post the integration in March 2022, the average of 2000 calls per day, grew to more than 4,000 calls per day resulting in over a 100% increase in total calls received per day.

112 Emergency Helpline
Many people aren’t aware of all the emergency helpline numbers when they encounter an emergency. The Central Government of India has launched the number 112 as a single emergency number, which one can access to get in touch with all the other existing helplines, like the Police, Fire and Women Helpline numbers. 

The new emergency helpline number, 112, appears in a prominent position in the Quick Dial feature on the homepage of the Truecaller app, to help anyone contact the police and the right authorities in times of distress or emergency.

Celebrating India on the app
Completing 75 years of Independence is a massive milestone for India, and we wanted to cherish the moment by integrating the tricolours into the app to celebrate the love and patriotism towards our second home country. Taking this forward, we have partnered with the Ministry of Culture to play an integral role and extend the Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav initiative to our 235 million users. Celebrating this incredible milestone with our Truecaller community, we have integrated the tricolour logo on the app, and highlighted the 75 years of Independence on the search bar to encourage you to get into the spirit of the #HarGharTiranga initiative by leading them to the government’s official website. 

We are proud to continue building features tailored to and serve Indian citizens, to ensure that they stay free from spam, scam, and potential fraud in the world of communication. We are delighted to celebrate this occasion together on the app and with our real-world work.

Mural at the Civil Lines Police Station
Over the past few months, the #ItsNotOk initiative in India has made a giant leap in creating awareness about resources available to report harassment and encouraging women to take a step further. In July 2022, we immortalised the #ItsNotOk initiative by unveiling a mural on the #CallItOutWall at the iconic wall of the Civil Lines Police Station, Delhi in partnership with the Delhi Police. Since women's safety is a crucial agenda in the Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav celebrations, we added the logo as part of the design that highlights an ensemble of portraits of survivors who have called it out, the emergency helpline number along with representatives from law enforcement signifying their support towards women in their fight against harassment and their safety. The artwork has created significant citizen engagement by women sharing inspiring stories and encouraging others to take action by directing them to the right resources. 

One doesn’t need to fight a war to enjoy any form of freedom. It can also come in the form of peaceful initiatives, constant support from fellow citizens, and in our case - some features on the Truecaller App. So when it’s about enjoying privacy as well as freedom in the world of communication, the Truecaller app and community will always have your back. Stay tuned for more updates on Truecaller, and don’t forget to follow us on Truecaller’s Youtube Channel, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Are you settled in India? Follow truecaller.india on Instagram and on Twitter for exciting updates, contests and more!

Tara Anand Kumar

Aug 15th, 20224 min read


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