BlogNewsTruecaller Travels to Africa to Scout New Office and Launch Huge Developer Contest

Truecaller Travels to Africa to Scout New Office and Launch Huge Developer Contest

Lindsey LaMont

Oct 18, 20173 min read

We’re hitting the road to scout a location to expand our team to the amazing continent of Africa!

The Truecaller app has already more than 50 million users in Africa. Every day we hear stories from our users in how Truecaller is helping Africans block more than half a billion spam calls on a monthly basis in the region, and more than 50% of all messages being filtered is considered as spam. In fact, in a recent study we conducted, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya and Egypt rank among the top 20 countries in the world being plagued by unwanted spam calls.

“The tremendous growth we’ve had across Africa the past two years has truly been amazing and yet we feel it is still only the starting point of what is about to come,” says Ted Nelson, Chief Commercial Officer at Truecaller.

Having become one of the fastest growing consumer apps in Africa (top of the charts for the past 2 years!), we are excited to be making this journey to find a Development Director and Sales Director to jump start Truecaller Team Africa. In doing so, we will be traveling to South Africa to set up an office, and Nigeria in the upcoming month to meet and host an event with CcHUB for local tech influencers, and launch our Developer Program for Truecaller SDK.

Calling all developers to win big!

On the launch of the Developer Program, we’re having a contest to find developers and startups that are showcasing the most innovative way Truecaller SDK can be utilized in their app. First prize consists of on the Truecaller platform. Second and third winner will win ,000, and ,000 in ads spending.

What is Truecaller SDK?

A phone number is much more than a way to connect — it’s an identity. Truecaller offers a unique tool, Truecaller SDK, for any app developer that wants to minimize the friction and complexity of getting new users on-board. No more One Time Password (OTP) verification or users dropping off. Truecaller SDK helps end users quickly and effortlessly utilize their Truecaller credentials to sign-up with one-touch to third-party apps with their phone number. Save your time and resources. Truecaller SDK will help drastically reduce costs, improve the overall quality of your community (no more spam accounts) and accelerate global user growth.

Benefit for you: Save your time and resources and focus on your core product. Truecaller SDK is free to use, quick and easy to integrate, helps in drastically reduce your phone# based user verifications costs, improve the overall quality of your on boarded users (no more spam accounts). It enables to accelerate global user growth and help build more trust in your product!

Who can apply for this contest?

Professional Mobile App developers, digital/mobile startups having live published native apps on Android and iOS. Apps must be live in Africa, and developers/startups need to be a native of and headquartered in Africa.


Step 1: Sign up here:

Step 2: Create a mock-ups and proof of concept of how Truecaller SDK is being integrated into your service

Step 3: Send mock-ups to with:

  • App Name
  • Brief description of your already published mobile app
  • Phone number of contact
  • Link to the live app on Google Play and/or Apple App Store
  • Enclose the design mockups with well-documented steps explaining the flow as an attachment

Application deadline is Tuesday, 31st October 2017 at 11:59 pm Lagos time.


For any inquiries or queries on creating Truecaller developer account, support, Truecaller SDK flow design mocks, integration documentation –please contact:

Terms and Conditions

The evaluation of entries will be based on reviewing your app as a product, the problem it is solving, the category it is serving, current scale, innovative use of Truecaller SDK in your app flow as submitted in design mocks, app store performance, etc.

The judgment and declaring the winners will be at the sole discretion of Truecaller and CcHUB jury team based post the evaluation of entries.

The winners will be mentored by Truecaller Developer Relations team on their app product and to also make/update their apps live on App Stores with Truecaller SDK integration on Android and/or iOS platform within 2 weeks of winning the contest. Once we have the winner announced, we will follow up directly with the winners to coordinate their advertising spend.


Lindsey LaMont

Oct 18, 20173 min read


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