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Truecaller’s Verification Solution now available for Mobile Web

Smriti Anand

Jul 16, 20194 min read

Today we are happy to share that verification solution has been made easier with Truecaller SDK, the instant and OTP less verification service from Truecaller! Developers who are building apps on mobile web platforms, can now verify, login or sign-up their users with their phone numbers – no matter the country they are developing from!

With a base of 250+ million mobile number verified users globally, Truecaller’s verification SDK enables you to instantly capture the verified identity of your users, with no SMS based OTP required. In recent times, consumer product ecosystems have focused on building apps aligning with trends where evolved mobile web technologies are enabling more users to discover and consume services via mobile browsers on their smartphones.

Observations in Emerging Markets:

  • of the total traffic on the web, an estimated 60-
    80% is now coming from mobile devices
  • mobile devices have increasingly become the first
    point of discovery for a large number of digital
  • the mobile number has become primary and the
    preferred identity of users, especially with first time
    users coming online across emerging markets

Since consumers have started making the choice to buy online, decisions are now being made from mobile devices as the primary interface. It is extremely important for app developers to have a good verification solution with a frictionless user journey to ensure that business’ growth and customer engagement does not get adversely impacted.

As we discussed above, many of these users are new-to-internet, coming from varied demographics and browsing on mobile devices. They lack patience, face a steep learning curve, and do not wish to indulge in multiple steps. They expect the entire process to be completed in a simple and instant manner. 

In the mobile web and browser supported landscape, critical check points in the user journey such as  login/signup, phone number verification or even filling critical customer details at checkout flows are effort-intensive and to an extent even cumbersome by today’s standards. In such a scenario, the task of verifying users on mobile web apps and sites throws a unique set of challenges.

Challenges Faced by Product Ecosystems:

  • user mobile number verification is a hassle, involves multiple steps to complete, and consumes more time
  • OTP cannot be auto-read on browsers and thus needs manual entry prone to typos and errors 
  • pushes users to switch between browsers and SMS apps to view and type in OTP code back in the browser

Over the last few years, Truecaller has worked with leading products to deploy a simple, frictionless user verification solution on mobile apps, which has resulted in achieving increased user activation and engagement. Along with these collaborations, one of the consistent requests that we got from our developer ecosystem was to extend this seamless and secure experience to mobile web based platforms.

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With Truecaller’s Verification SDK now available for the mobile websites, we have extended the promise of simple, trusted and instant number based identity verification for mobile web users as well. We worked closely in early access mode with few leading products in the ecosystem to shape the mobile web SDK to deliver on the promised value proposition.

Opportunities with Truecaller’s Verification SDK:

  • leverage the global scale of 250M+ Truecaller users with their verified phone number based accounts 
  • instantly verify your users based on their mobile number with Truecaller credentials, 
  • NO SMS based OTP needed whatsoever
  • ZERO effort flow, NO need to type the mobile number
  • avoid  junk numbers, by tapping active and verified mobile number present on the device
  • reduced: drops (from SMS failures/ delays) and resulting in quick activation and growth
  • user consent based and secure flow

The results speak for themselves. – India’s leading job portal, executed and deployed the SDK in their user registration journey, which has been implemented as follows:


Verification SDK by Truecaller for mobile web is available now – you can learn more about it below:

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to reach out to our Development Platform Team.

To help you with driving user growth using mobile Web SDK, we have setup a Free Webinar on Succeeding with mobile web SDK by Truecaller

In this free webinar, learn how the Truecaller verification SDK for mobile web works, understand key features and integration process. We will also talk about best practices on various use cases, and share how leading products have achieved results.

Who: Truecaller Developer Platform team

When: Wednesday, July 24, 2019 at 3:00pm IST

Smriti Anand

Jul 16, 20194 min read


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