Call Recording on Truecaller

It's time to dial up your Truecaller app experience with the Call Recording feature! Effortlessly record both incoming and outgoing calls within the app, without the hassle of downloading another recording app.

Here are a few reasons why you'll find this feature useful:

Never Miss Important Details: capture every important detail of your phone conversations with call recording, ensuring that you never miss a key piece of information.

Avoid Misunderstandings: No need to take messy notes, you can relax and focus on the conversation at hand, knowing that you can easily revisit the details later. By reviewing the conversations later, you can avoid confusion and misunderstandings.

Save Time and Increase Productivity: Instead of taking notes during your calls, you can rely on call recordings to remember important information, saving you time and making you more productive.

Call Recording Screen on Truecaller App

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How Does Call Recording Work?

Recording a call using Truecaller is a breeze, whether you're on iPhone or Android. For iPhone, merge the call with Truecaller's special recording line when prompted by the app. On Android, simply hit the "Rec" button during your call. In both cases, once the conversation ends, you'll get a push notification with the link to your recorded file. Just ensure that on iPhone, you merge the recording line and the call, and on Android, you initiate the recording with a tap. Regardless of the platform, Truecaller makes it seamless to record any call. Just remember to follow your local laws regarding call recording.

Record calls on iPhone

  1. For an incoming call, answer it. For an outgoing call, skip to step 2.
  2. Open the Truecaller app.
  3. Tap 'Record a Call'.
  4. Press ‘Call the Recording Line’.
  5. Make your outgoing call if you haven't already, then merge the calls to start recording.

Record a call on Android

  1. Press the "Rec" button during a call.
  2. Wait for a 3-second countdown.
  3. The recording starts automatically after the countdown.

Ensure Truecaller is set as your default dialer to enable this feature right from the call screen.

Truecaller's AI-Powered Features for Smart Call Recording

Truecaller revolutionizes how you handle your calls with AI-powered features catering to iPhone and Android users. With the integration of sophisticated language models like GPT-4, Truecaller elevates your call recording management to new heights.

Image showcasing the subjects of recorded calls


The app will automatically organize your call recordings by assigning subjects. This enables quick sorting, so you can find the exact call you need with just a few clicks.

Screen showcasing a transcribed recording

Voice-to-Text Transcriptions

Instantly convert your recorded calls into text with high accuracy. This voice-to-text feature allows you to read through your conversations, making it easier to review details, take notes, and archive important discussions without listening to the entire call again.

Screen showcasing summaries of a recorded call


Not only can you transcribe, but you can also obtain smart summaries of your calls. Language models can sift through the text to highlight the most pertinent information, giving you a digestible overview of your conversations without the need for manual review.

two screens - one for android and one for iOS, showing truecaller identifying an incoming phone call

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