Calling Made Easier with Truecaller

Truecaller's Intelligent Dialer for Easy Calling Experience
Truecaller's Intelligent Dialer for Easy Calling Experience

Your everyday calling experience gets an upgrade with Truecaller. With Truecaller, you can now not only identify who is calling you or block spam calls, but you can have a detailed call log with unknown numbers identified by Truecaller, and even make calls within the app! Your call screen is also an improved version, with access to the caller’s Truecaller profile, star call while being on the call! Not just that, you can easily make calls by copying numbers from anywhere or understanding a user’s call availability. Make your communication easier with Truecaller’s calling features!

These features are only available in Truecaller for Android

Explore Truecaller's Call Features

Intelligent Dialer

Empower your calls with Truecaller's intelligent phone dialer – the tool that ensures every call is connected to the right person. Seamlessly dial friends and family while unveiling the identities of unknown numbers in real time. You can also copy a number from anywhere, and Truecaller’s intelligent dialer will have it ready for you to make a call to them! It's not just a phone dialer; it's your smart ally in the world of calling.

Truecaller phone dialer where you can paste numbers from anywhere

Call Logs

Truecaller’s Call Logs shows you the complete history of your calls, combining even your 3rd party call logs in one single screen! That's not it, Truecaller also identifies all the unknown calls in the log itself. You can easily view your call history, make calls or block numbers from your call logs directly. It's also very easy to delete your call history with Truecaller. Just long press on any number you wish to delete, or block. Download Truecaller to check this feature out!

Truecaller Call History Screen

Star Call

Truecaller's "Star Call" feature adds a touch of personalization to your calls. You can star call while being on a call. This is possible when you have Truecaller as the Default Dialer. You will see a ‘Star’ on the right top corner of your Call Screen while you are on the call.

You can even star call after you are done speaking! Just long press on a call in the logs screen that you wanted to star mark.

While star-marking your important call, you are also given an option to write a note that could summarize the call, or add why this call was important to you. You can easily access all your star calls by clicking on the 3 dots on the top right!

Star Call helps you summarize calls with notes

Call Availability

Truecaller's "Call Availability" feature brings ease to your calling experience. A red phone symbol communicates a contact's ongoing call, while a green dot signals their availability for a conversation. Effortlessly stay informed and make informed calling decisions. Note, that the call receiver needs to be a Truecaller user for this feature to work.

Call Availability Screen on Truecaller

Call Reason

Add a personal touch to your calls using Truecaller's "Call Reason" feature. Clearly communicate the purpose of your call, setting the tone for productive and meaningful conversations. You can select from preset templates as well to put in your ‘call reason’! This can be done for one particular call or if you are someone who makes a lot of calls, a generic call reason could be set up from

Settings > Calls > Call Reason toggle on.

Call Reason Screen on Truecaller for Incoming Call

Favorite Contact

Truecaller's "Favorite Contact" feature is your shortcut to effortless communication. By designating your most-contacted individuals as favorites, you reduce the clicks needed to initiate a call. You can see your favorite contacts on the top of your Truecaller app calling screen!

Favourite Contact in Truecaller

Announce Call

Want to know who is calling you via an announcement? Truecaller’s Announce Call feature does just that. You can now set preferences on which calls should be announced - all your calls or just your phonebook contacts. Would you like the announcement to also take place when your headphones are on? We have got you covered on that front as well! Just set up your call announcement feature by going to

Settings > Calls > Announce Phone Calls toggle on

How to Setup Announce Call in Truecaller

Remind Me of Missed Calls

Are you someone who is forgets to call back your missed calls after you have dismissed the missed call notification? Truecaller has you covered. You can get missed calls reminders if you have forgotten to call them back. All you have to do is go to

Settings > Calls > Remind me of missed calls toggle on

Missed Call Reminders by Truecaller

Call Alert

Truecaller’s call alert feature will let you know who is calling even before your phone rings. So you can now set the phone on silent if you want to ignore it or move to a quieter place if you want to speak. This uses the data / Wifi to securely send the alert from the caller's phone to yours, as soon as a call is made to you. Since data/Wifi is faster than a regular cellular network, the notification reaches you first, before the actual call comes through. You can disable this feature whenever you want!

Truecaller's Call Alert Feature

Ghost Calls

Now use phantom calls or ghost calls to your advantage! Truecaller’s premium feature helps you to set up a ghost call to get out of any sticky situation. You can schedule a call to yourself for any time and pretend that you have an emergency when needed. Try it today.

Schedule Ghost Calls with Truecaller Premium

Make Calling Easier with Truecaller

Over 400 million people have experienced the future of communication with Truecaller. It’s time to join this community!

Get the Truecaller App Today

You get a lot of benefits by having Truecaller downloaded on your phone:

  1. Caller Identification: Truecaller's dialer comes with built-in caller identification, allowing you to see who's calling even if the number isn't saved in your contacts.
  2. Integrated Messaging: Seamlessly switch between calls and messages within the same app, eliminating the need to toggle between different applications.
  3. Call Reason Feature: By defaulting to Truecaller, you can take advantage of the call reason feature, adding context to your calls for more meaningful conversations.
  4. Favorites List: Easily add your loved ones to your favorites list for quick and convenient calling.
  5. Call History Management: Truecaller's dialer includes a call history manager, providing a comprehensive overview of your past calls and interactions.
  6. Quick Access to Favorites: Add your loved ones to the favorites list for swift and easy access, making calls with just a click.
  7. Unified Communication Experience: By making Truecaller the default dialer, you create a unified communication experience, simplifying the way you interact with contacts and manage calls. Your whole calling experience is improved due to the Calling Interface Truecaller has created. From your identified call logs to starred conversations to quick calling access, everything has been created to make your calling experience smooth.

But if you make it your default dialer, you get an extremely user usage centric call screen. On your call screen you can check the person’s Truecaller profile you are calling, star call the call, add notes to the star call showing why it is important etc. by making Truecaller the default dialer!

Truecaller's Availability feature makes it possible for you to know if the person you're about to call is busy or not.

For example, if you see a red bell icon next to that number it means that the phone is in silent mode. If you see a red phone icon, it means that the person is on the phone. You can also see the last time a user was active in the app through the ‘Last Seen‘ time displayed.

Please note: To be able to see someone's availability they must have Truecaller installed and have the feature on.

Availability is activated by default and can be disabled in Truecaller's Settings > Privacy Center

Stay protected from spam calls and messages by making Truecaller your default phone & SMS app. We'll make sure to keep your inbox nice and clean by categorizing messages such as OTP codes, appointments, spam texts, unsaved numbers, and more.

Your call log will always be enriched with details of unsaved numbers, and spam calls will be marked in red text. 

Make Truecaller your default calling & SMS app, follow the below-mentioned steps: 


Go to Truecaller app Settings > Caller ID > Set Truecaller as the default dialer.

Truecaller does not store a copy of your call history.
Therefore, if you delete it from your phone there is unfortunately no way for us to retrieve it for you.

To see how long you've been on a call with someone, go to call logs > Click on ">" on the contact and scroll down to the Call History section.

You can delete the call log by clicking on the 3 dotted menu and choosing "Delete all calls".

A. Open your profile.
B. Tap Settings.
C. Choose "Calling"
D. Toggle off "Remind me of Missed Call."

two screens - one for android and one for iOS, showing truecaller identifying an incoming phone call

Trust your communicatio­n with Truecaller.

Trusted by over 400 million people, Truecaller is proud to be a leader in caller ID and spam blocking software as well as research around call and SMS harassment.