Truecaller Community Guidelines for Video Caller ID

Truecaller created Video Caller ID to make your calling experience more personalised and unique.

To use the Video Caller ID camera feature it is mandatory to record a video of yourself which will be shown in incoming calls and after call screens for your contacts.
You can remove your Video Caller ID at any time from “Manage Video Caller ID” settings.

We aim to provide a safe and enjoyable calling experience to our users. All videos that you upload as a Video Caller ID must comply with our Community guidelines which are explained below.

What to do:

  • Think about your video as a unique and fun way to call your contacts.
  • Record a video where your face is clearly visible.
  • Record videos in light places to ensure good quality of the video.
  • If you don’t want to go for the camera (Selfie) option, you can also choose any predefined video offered by Truecaller Video Caller Id options.

What not to do:

  • Do not pretend to be someone else. Do not upload videos that have other people, friends, children, celebrities, brands or other organizations.
  • Do not upload any video for Video Caller ID purposes that are obscene, promote any hate propaganda, contain sensitive or sexual/pornographic content, contain any personal information of the individual or a third party and any other content that may be constructed as illegal.
  • Do not use Video Caller ID as a promotional or spam tool.
  • Do not upload videos of self harm including self injuries or promotion of eating disorders.

We are working on a feature where you can report other people Video Caller IDs which are not following these Community Guidelines from after call screen and user detail view. We review these reports to determine whether there is a violation of these Guidelines and any action needs to be taken. Please remember you can block them anytime.

Any breach of the community guidelines or applicable Truecaller “Terms of Services” and “Privacy Policy” may result in removing your Video Caller ID or being banned from using the application. Illegal activity will be reported to the authorities.