Message ID for SMS Senders

Truecaller's Message ID
Truecaller's Message ID

Like Truecaller recognizes incoming calls, Truecaller's Message ID identifies your important messages. Message IDs are pop-up notifications that focus on presenting the most pertinent information from your SMS, including sender details such as name and logo. You can now get your OTPs, Transaction details, Billing information, Delivery updates, Travel itineraries, Fraud warnings, and Government updates through Truecaller’s Message ID.

These features are available in Truecaller for Android

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Explore Message ID Features

Message ID

Truecaller's Message ID feature operates offline on your mobile device, utilizing cutting-edge machine-learning models engineered to specifically operate securely within mobile devices. This eliminates the need for sensitive messaging data to leave your device during identification and verification processes, ensuring your privacy is always maintained. Once an SMS message is received, Message ID rapidly identifies the sender and important information in messages, notifying and displaying the different categories supported by Message ID like OTPs, Transaction details, Billing information, Delivery updates, and Travel itineraries, to you in an appropriate manner.

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Identify Incoming Messages with Truecaller Message ID

Know your Message ID

Message IDs are categorized into Three distinct types:

  1. Blue Message IDs are shown for important messages related to Banking, Bills, OTPs, Travel, and Deliveries.
  2. Green Message IDs highlight messages and senders that have been verified by Truecaller. This verification process adds an extra layer of assurance, signifying the credibility and authenticity of the messages and their sources.
  3. Red Message IDs play an important role in alerting users to potentially suspicious and fraudulent incoming messages. This acts as a warning system, prompting you to exercise caution.
Different Identified Messages by Truecaller

Fraud Detection of SMS

Protect yourself from deceptive SMS messages with the SMS Fraud Detection feature. When a fraudulent message is detected, you'll receive a red notification to warn you and keep you alert. The notification stays until you dismiss it, ensuring you stay vigilant. Truecaller also disables any links in fraudulent SMS automatically, preventing any potential harm. Access to the SMS is restricted unless you mark the sender as safe, providing an extra layer of fraud protection. Stay safe with Truecaller's fraud detection.

Fraud Detection of Text Messages by Truecaller

Smart Reminders

Truecaller offers a solution to the challenge of potentially missing out on crucial bill payments or travel information. Now with Smart Reminders, you get a notification on your mobile’s notification bar reminding you about the bill payment that is due or a travel itinerary reminder! This isn’t done on the day of, but rather you are reminded of this a day before and on the day of the travel or bill payment. Sit back, relax, and now never worry about missing anything important with Truecaller’s Smart Reminders!

Identify Incoming Messages with Truecaller Message ID

Truecaller's Promise of Safety

Truecaller guarantees 100% security and does not use this information. All data undergoes processing and storage exclusively on your device, ensuring the utmost privacy and confidentiality.

How is Message ID unique and useful?

1. Take advantage of crucial SMS updates! 

Message ID ensures you stay informed with pop-up notifications for OTP, transactions,  bills, travel, and deliveries. Download Truecaller to make sure you don't miss a thing.

2. Smart Notifications to make lives easier!

You can easily access Bill reminders, Travel reminders sent well in advance of their due dates with Truecaller's smart notifications. Now, no more missed bills or running late for any travel plans!

3. Recognize 'Verified' from 'Fraudulent' Message Senders!

Truecaller's Message ID quickly checks authenticity with a ‘Verified Tick’ and ‘Green Message ID’ for senders verified by Truecaller and a 'Red Message ID' for potential fraud. Keep your messaging experience safe with Truecaller by distinguishing between secure and suspicious messages.

4. Improved and Neater Format

Message ID goes beyond traditional notifications, acknowledging that some SMS messages require extra attention. Through a revamped notification format, Message ID guarantees you stay informed.

How to setup Message ID in Truecaller App?

1. Set Trucealler as your default messaging app:

Truecaller should be set as a Default messaging app to avoid getting spam and unnecessary notifications from other apps. However, it is not required, Truecaller will continue to identify your messages, giving you an advantage over other apps.

2. Manage message preference:

You have the option to select specific categories for which you would like to receive Message ID notifications. To select, go to Truecaller app > Settings > Messaging > Message ID > Manage Preference.

3. Check if the Draw Over Other Apps Permission is Enabled

Truecaller's notifications stand out compared to native Android notifications. They appear prominently at the top of the screen, ensuring important messages are easily visible and can only be dismissed by the user. This enhanced visibility is achieved through the "draw over other apps" permission. 

To Enable head over to phone settings > Apps > Display over other apps > Select Truecaller from the list > Click on Allow.

It’s because the app has identified an incoming message that could be important or fraudulent and is notifying you about it.

Our Smart SMS notifications are designed to convey a summary of the SMS in an easy-to-read format and provide you with quick actions.

The Message ID is designed to stay visible until dismissed so that you don't miss important messages.

The notification overlap between other SMS apps and Truecaller occurs when another app is set as the default SMS app. By making Truecaller your default SMS app, you'll only receive relevant notifications from Truecaller.

Steps to make Truecaller the default messaging app: Settings > Messaging > Make Truecaller the default SMS app.

The green notification indicates that the message is from a sender verified by Truecaller. Given the amount of fraud, it's essential to verify the legitimacy of an SMS sender.

If you wish to turn off all message notifications, you can switch it off from Settings > Messaging > Message Id > Manage Preference > Disable the required category.

Truecaller issues sticky notifications to warn you about fraudulent messages. If Truecaller isn't the default SMS app, you may get notifications from other apps lacking fraud detection capabilities.

Truecaller notifications, with the "draw over other apps" permission, offer enhanced visibility for important messages. They appear on top of the screen and can only be dismissed by you.

Truecaller only transforms non-personal messages on your phone into smarter notifications i.e. Message ID, prioritizing privacy. These messages stay on your device and are not accessed or transmitted to Truecaller servers.

Truecaller respects your privacy and does not access your messages.

two screens - one for android and one for iOS, showing truecaller identifying an incoming phone call

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