No phone app is complete without the ability to send SMS and chat at the same time! Use Truecaller as your main SMS app to send and receive, identify spam, schedule future messages, and more! Or, avoid SMS fees by using chat!

Identify and block spam SMS

Truecaller automatically flags and filters spam SMS to another inbox to make sure you are only seeing messages that matter. When receiving risky links, the app will also identify if the link is marked as spam by the Truecaller community.

Combine SMS & Chat!

Unlike other SMS apps, Truecaller’s messaging feature offers receiving and sending SMS and Chat. Get the best of both worlds by sending messages to your friend however you want! When chatting in blue, this is using the Internet, and when chatting in green, this is sending an SMS from your phone plan (carrier charges apply).

Smart SMS

Quickly recognize messages with a clean inbox that is categorized to your liking. Your inbox will have 4 categories for your messages - Personal, Important, Business and Spam. Switch between the tabs to see important messages from your bank, delivery services, contacts, and even the spammers (if you want to see that!)

Group Chat

Connect with friends or people that are most important, like friends, family, coworkers or special interest groups! Invite up to 25 people in a group to share messages, videos, photos, voice messages, files and more! Keep your phone number private in group chats with strangers, and monitor your group invitations by a single click. (Group Chat uses the Internet to avoid SMS fees)
No need to bounce around between chat and SMS apps - with Truecaller Messaging, you can simply depend on all your communication being in one place.


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