Why Use Truecaller For Spam and Scam Phone Number Check

Trusted by over 400 million users worldwide, Truecaller is the leading caller ID and spamming-blocking app globally. Apart from identifying callers, it also uses advanced technologies to understand if a number is a 'likely fraud' number or not. It uses the large user community reports as well to understand if a number is a spam number or a scam or fraudulent number. Truecaller is on a mission to make everyday communication safer and efficient.

And if you are not an active Truecaller App user, you can use this scammer or spam number lookup tool we have on our website before making any transactional steps with the callers or texters.

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What Type of Numbers you can Search with Truecaller?

Spam Number Lookup

Getting calls and messages from numbers you think are spam? You can now confirm whether that number is spam with Truecaller's Spam Number Lookup! Enter the number in the search bar. Truecaller will show spam stats if it's a spam number, giving a detailed breakdown of their activities.

And you can add these numbers to your auto block list, or get a spam alert red caller ID if you download the app. On the app, you can even add comments, report numbers as spam, and block different spam numbers. 

Scammer Phone Number Lookup

Do you think the call you are on is a scam? or are you wondering if a message you received is a fraud? You can now search these numbers on Truecaller and Truecaller's Scammer Phone Number Lookup will let you know if it's a 'Likely Fraud' number. 

If you use Truecaller app, it will indicate if a message sender is a fraud. Your red Caller ID screen will also label calls as 'Likely Fraud'. You can again block these numbers, add comments, and report numbers as scams on the app.

The Truecaller community, with 400 million members worldwide, suggests names for the phone numbers they get calls from. For example, our scam/spam phone number lookup can show the name 'Insurance spam' if many people identify a caller as such. Users can see this name when they search for the phone number in the number search bar above.

Truecaller made the Spam/Scam Number Lookup Tool for this reason exactly! We want to empower people to check if a number is legitimate, and we can even flag scam and spam numbers. 

If you use Truecaller's app, you can see who is calling and block spam calls. This helps you know if a number is real before answering the phone. 

No. Truecaller believes in making our user's lives simpler. So you will do the following:

  1. Enter the phone number you want to look up in the search bar above
  2. Sign in to know the details. Don't worry, Truecaller's number search is free! You do not need to make a payment after signing in.
  3. Check the caller details to understand what type of number it is - spam, scam, business, or some person!

or, even easier, you can download the app, sign up, and enjoy features like Caller ID, Spam Blocking, and Message ID all in one place in real time!

At Truecaller, we commit to building trust everywhere by making tomorrow's communication safer, smarter, and more efficient. No matter if it’s at the beginning of a call, in the middle of a transaction, or at the end of a signature. To help prevent scams and spam, we empower users to check phone numbers with our tool above for free.

Fraud Prevention: By identifying potential scams or spam calls, users can protect themselves from financial loss or identity theft or have a better use of their time.

Peace of Mind: Knowing 400 million people actively use Truecaller in their daily lives, and having such a reliable resource to vet incoming calls and messages can help in removing uncertainty often associated with receiving unknown numbers.

Community Reporting: Truecaller has one of the biggest communities to report spam and scam phone numbers. Now you as a user can make a difference in the world by making communication safer for all people around you!