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Jazz up Your Calling Game with Truecaller's Video Caller ID and Give Your Caller ID a Personality! Ensure no one ignores your call with Truecaller's Video Caller ID feature. Now, you can add a personal touch while making calls to your contacts by setting up a video that will show on the receiver's screen! With Video Caller ID, you can share moments, emotions, and expressions bringing your calls to life. Give it a shot today!

This feature is accessible to only Android users.

How to Setup Video Caller ID?

Go to Caller ID Settings

Enable the toggle for “Show your Video Caller ID”.

Select the option you want

You can either choose to record a 10-second video which will loop when you call people or select from our preset templates or add face filters to your videos.

Why setup a Video Caller ID on Truecaller?

1. Making Exciting Calls:

Recieving Calls with a custom video showing who is calling sounds very exciting! So go ahead, make your contacts happy and set up your video caller id on Truecaller now! 

2. Express Yourself:

Your Video Caller ID can be up to 10 seconds long. When you call people, your video will loop, so think of new ways to showcase yourself, get creative, and express yourself! You can also select from a variety of preset templates or download face filters. Try it! 

3. Enjoy Full Control with Video Caller ID:

You have complete control over what you choose to share with others through our Video Caller ID feature. You can customize it according to your preferences, stop it at any point, and also record and change your videos as often as you like. You get to call the shots and set the rules for your calls.

4. Whose Video Caller ID Can You Receive?

We understand that privacy and security are important worries while using this feature. the option to set a personalised Video Caller ID is only available if both the caller and receiver have each other's contact information saved in their phone book. If you don't wish to see Video Caller ID for your contacts, you can turn it off in the app. Simply go to Settings > Caller ID > and switch off Receive Video Caller ID from contacts. We care about your comfort and control.

5. Protection from Scam and Spam Calls: 

Just like our regular Caller ID, when a call with Video Caller ID pops up, your whole screen goes red, giving you a heads-up before you decide to pick up. This is an extra measure we've put in place to protect you from any unwanted and fraudulent calls when using Video Caller ID.

At Truecaller, your safety is our top priority. With the Video Caller ID feature, you're in charge. Decide who sees your Video Caller ID whether it's everyone or just your contacts.

Your contacts will see your Video caller ID on Full Screen Caller ID or Pop-up Caller ID. Also it will be visible in Full Screen after call screen or Pop-up after call screen.

No, this feature is available for all Truecaller Android users.

For Android users on OS 5.1 to OS 11.

Camera permission is needed to use this feature.

No, for now, video should be recorded from the Truecaller app.

Select the Profile icon -> Settings -> Caller ID -> Manage Video Caller ID.

No, your Video Caller ID will be shown with your currently set ringtone.

You can turn off your Video Caller ID by selecting the Profile icon -> Settings -> Caller ID -> Disable the “Show your Video Caller ID” toggle.

You can turn it off by selecting Profile icon -> Settings -> Caller ID -> Receive Video Caller ID from Contacts.

You can delete your Video Caller ID by selecting the Profile icon -> Settings -> Caller ID -> Manage Video Caller ID -> More -> Delete.

two screens - one for android and one for iOS, showing truecaller identifying an incoming phone call

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