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How to Find & Connect with People on Truecaller

Themba Wahlstrom

May 8, 20202 min read

As well as letting you know who is calling with our famous Caller ID, you can also identify numbers, names and more within the Truecaller app. Here are some simple steps for using Truecaller’s Name Search and Contact Requests features.

Truecaller is more than just Caller ID and spam blocking. We would like you to find the people you want to connect with. Want to call an old friend but lost their number? While most people know how to number search, here is how to Name Search!

Go to the search feature at the top of the app and search for their name. Once you find it, click on their profile and ask permission for their contact details (all profiles are private by default unless the number owner has set their profile to Public in their settings). They will be sent a Contact Request notification to either accept or reject.

Contact Requests

Protecting the information of users is very important to us and we value everyone’s privacy. So in order to get someone’s number through name search, you must make a contact request to get their details. The person can then accept your contact request and provide their information for you to call or message. This way, we can protect their privacy and make sure that you can connect with the people you need to!

Premium users can get 30 contact requests per month. But this is only one of the features that Premium users can enjoy. Subscribe to Premium and use the app without ads, as well as features like Who Viewed My Profile, Incognito mode and the exclusive Premium Badge.

Themba Wahlstrom

May 8, 20202 min read


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