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Improved Tagging System in Truecaller


Sep 5, 20171 min read

We have updated our tagging system to allow you to make your personal tag more relevant!

Now you can take full control of what tag your number has been categorized under. Not a salesman? You can fix that within your app profile!

How does Tagging work?

Tags are put into place to give more context over what a call might be about. You can tag a number based on a broad range of categories such as Transportation, Banking / Finance, services (and more!), making it even easier, for example, to ID your cab driver or your bank.

How to Tag

When you look at the profile of a number, you will see the option to tag. Choose the tag that best suits the topic of why the number would be calling. For example, if it is a restaurant calling to confirm your reservations, you might tag it in the restaurant category and even specify what type.

How to Edit Your Tags

Under the profile section of the Truecaller app, simply tap the ‘add tag’ section and add the appropriate tag. This will now appear along with your details when you call another Truecaller user! Please note that it may take 24 hours for your tag to fully change.


Sep 5, 20171 min read


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