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A Day in the Life of a Technology Intern at Truecaller!


Jun 22, 20162 min read

Hi there, my name is Eva!

I have been here at Truecaller for exactly one week! In total, I will be here for two months working as a Summer Intern.

So far everyone have been incredible nice and I’ve received a really warm welcome to the company!  I have a big interest in technology, and I’m very happy to have gotten the opportunity to get insight in such an interesting company such as Truecaller.


My relationship with technology

I’ve loved technology ever since my teacher in primary school made us build and program Lego robots in the second grade. Some people would say that I’m not that good with technology, since I tend to lose my phones, but considering I’ve made an iPhone survive after being drenched in water for five hours – you understand that it is not true – I guess I have an aptitude for technology.

I’ve made an iPhone survive after being drenched in water for five hours – I guess I have an aptitude for technology.

The internship involves activities concerning recruitment and employer branding. For example, I will be focusing on the process of selection of candidates, scheduling of interviews, coordinating events, representing Truecaller at universities, and working with Truecaller’s recruitment social media channels (say hi to me @TruecallerJobs on Twitter!).


I believe this is a great chance for me to get a perspective of how to use my theoretical knowledge more practically, and see how it is to actually work at a company in the tech industry.

My day-to-day worklife

Besides the fact Truecaller is a tech company, it was the diversity of people that attracted me the most. I love to travel, and to meet people from other cultures, and this is also why I find Truecaller especially interesting. People from all over the world are working here, helping each other and learning from each other.

I believe that knowledge about different cultures makes it easier to attract and reach out to a wider audience.

By the end of this internship, I hope that I have learnt a lot about different cultures, but also what constellation of people that makes a good team and how to promote a brand through social media channels. Lastly, I want to have contributed to Truecaller with the view from a student’s perspective, a lot of energy and new creative ideas that benefits the brand.

I’ve just finished my second year at KTH (Royal Institute of Technology), where I’m studying Industrial engineering and management within the orientation computer science and communication. I am sure of that I will learn a lot during this internship and I look forward to be here for the rest of the summer!


Jun 22, 20162 min read

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