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Truecaller Team Lab Days


Jul 4, 20162 min read

We’ve mentioned it before, but since it is such an important and valuable event at Truecaller, it needs to be mentioned again. We’re talking about Lab days!

Lab days at Truecaller last over two days at the end of every second month. The Truecaller Team gets time to work on their own projects and implement new ideas that they do not have time for during their normal days. The Team is free to do anything they want, which means it doesn’t have to be anything related to the product – even though most of the projects end up being somewhat related to Truecaller.

Lab Days maintain an innovative environment, personal growth, and creative thinking in the company.

What has been made?

The output from the Lab days during the year has been everything from games (similar to Space Invaders, but saving the world from spam with icons from the Truecaller app) to product and branding videos, script that’s supposed to save time for the developers.


You may have even seen some of our great ideas from Lab days implemented in the actual product such as; Caller ID for iPhone, the feature that identifies WhatsApp messages, and also the search widget that automatically searches for numbers when you copy a number from anywhere on your phone! Sometimes the output of Lab days is a goldmine!

How does it work?

During lab days, our Team can do anything technical or non-technical for the company. If their project turns out to be something that the Team thinks we should actually implement into the product, then they refine and tune the details before it can be released.


How did Lab Days start?

It started out as a silly idea, but pretty soon everybody thought it was a cool to give the Team as much freedom as possible during the 2 days.

Normally, the process from idea to product execution is much longer with many people’s opinions and thoughts involved. Lab Days provide a concentrated and fun way to make stuff happen!

Lab days are about cross team collaboration and to work with people that you do not work with everyday. The purpose is to maintain an innovative environment, personal growth, and creative thinking in the company.


Jul 4, 20162 min read

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