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Truecaller’s One-Woman Team Behind Social Media


Jun 30, 20144 min readEdited on Aug 25, 2017


My iPhone beeps and buzzes at 7:30 am. I fumble to switch it off. As I think to myself “just another 10 minutes,” I sink down into my comforter. I hear another beep, and a buzz, and a double beep following it. It isn’t my alarm; it is my Twitter notifications going crazy every time someone mentions Truecaller.

I stagger to the kitchen, grab a cup of joe, and sit out on my balcony overlooking the Swedish countryside, and open my phone. There are 508 notifications waiting to be read from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, and LinkedIn. I start responding to notification #1.

And that is just my Saturday.

Being a Community Manager of a global brand, such as Truecaller, means that no time is down time. Social Media is like an evolving amoeba of our prehistoric history. One day it has a tail, and the next day it has an arm with 5 fingers, metaphorically speaking of course. There is always something to learn. Social Media is alive every second of the day because we all live in different time zones, speak different languages, and have opinions about different ideas that we try to ‘trend’ or get the most ‘likes.’ This obsession with getting heard has always existed, but Social Media has erased country boundaries, and Google Translate has made it possible for me to be “fluent” in 80 different languages.

Truecaller’s Facebook page has recently hit 1 million ‘likes,’ our Instagram is snapping to 18,000 followers, and Twitter is chirping to 67,000! For a person who lives and breathes social media, this is a gift from the social heavens to reach this sort of success, and it is extremely interesting and fun to work with.

What is a social media marketer’s secret to reaching these high numbers and keeping it alive?

Patience, love, and being real. That’s my secret to social media.

Like most social media marketers, I am always learning how to get the most reach for my posts. But I am a real person behind every tweet, post, like, and most importantly, the response. I do not believe in scheduling auto-posts/tweets or giving canned responses when people are looking for help. If social media is about being social…why would I post something when I am not sitting there to analyze and react to the response? This may sound time consuming, but it makes all the difference. As a consumer myself that turns to social media for support issues, or giving praise, I like to mimic positive results of how other companies treat me. This means retweeting users, responding with a personal note to support issues, informing where to find information, and digging deeper into my listening skills to what people are saying about my brand. The followers who are Truecaller’s users come first in everything we do, and in social media, it is no different!

How Does Truecaller use Social Media at Headquarters?
We like to document behind the scenes of how we make Truecaller for our 65 million users. I use our Instagram account to snap photos of our office, fun projects, silly moments, and our cute office dog, Lady. We are, after all, people just like you making a product to help the daily lives of our users and us!

We have a big screen in our work room that has a feed of what our users say about Truecaller on Twitter. This helps the developers stay in the loop of what people are saying about the product they create. So next time you tweet, say hello to our devs!

Happy Social Media Day! Here is my command center at @Truecaller! #SMDay— Lindsey LaMont (@Travelpen) June 30, 2014

I use MetroTwit (which has unfortunately stopped developing new updates for desktop due to Twitter changing their API. But it is available for Windows 8 as an app) to see what is happening live on all of the channels we post information on. I can track keywords too, and follow hashtags. This helps to react to conversations I might never know about if I simply used the native website. Other tools I recommend are Hootsuite (Website based), TweetBot (for smartphones), and TweetDeck (Macs).

What is the best advice about social media marketing you have ever heard?
Don’t post something on social media if it is not amazing. Because if you post just to ‘fill’ a time slot, then your followers won’t think it is interesting.

See you on the web, Truecaller fans! Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and LinkedIn for updates about all things Truecaller!


Jun 30, 20144 min read

Life At Truecaller

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