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CallHero Joins Truecaller

Agnes Lindberg

Jan 13, 20223 min readEdited on Apr 6, 2022

Today, we are proud to announce that CallHero – The first AI-Powered Digital Assistant App, joins the Truecaller team! CallHero has developed a unique technical solution for both Android and iPhone, which helps users verify and answer calls with the help of a digital assistant, a Smart Agent. For everyone using Truecaller this means that you can now get your own personal assistant that will pick up a call from any unknown number calling you. Read on and we’ll tell you how we came across this service and how you can benefit from it.

How we found CallHero

We brought in Clayton LiaBraaten – our Senior Strategic Advisor, to share the story.

We are constantly conducting competitive and market intelligence as part of Truecaller’s improvement processes – we want to be better than we were yesterday.  This includes identifying product features and gaps that current solutions – including our own – are not addressing.

One of the most important things for us has been to find a solution on how we can protect Truecaller iPhone users with Caller ID and Spam blocking the same way we’ve been able to protect our Android users.  At the operating system level, iOS and Android are completely different. And we want to give everyone using Truecaller the best experience. So the quest began to identify an existing application which delivered a superior experience by:

  • Leveraging cloud communications services to overcome the aforementioned limitations in providing Caller ID and spam blocking.
  • Deliver enhanced call management services like Call Screening and Smart Agents to provide users with added intelligence about who is calling, allowing our users to engage as desired and reclaim their phones.

After an exhaustive set of application testing, CallHero was identified as checking all of these boxes. All roads led to the founders Raf and Roy. And here we are now, on this exciting day!

How does CallHero work?

Your phone rings. It could be someone from your contact list, an unknown number, or maybe it’s a spam call. Instead of picking up, you can set up to have your personal assistant pick up the call. The assistant picks up the call, and asks who’s calling and why. You get a message with what they answer and  you decide if you wanna take the call or not. We recommend asking more questions to know more about what they want. That way you can filter out the robocallers and spam calls. Simple, sweet, and spam free. Just the way we at Truecaller like it. 

Another great feature that CallHero brings to Truecaller users is the ability to add a second virtual number to your account. This can be used if you don’t want to give out your real number.

What comes next?

We are excited to join our teams together, and continue to work on how to make Truecaller more user-friendly for both iPhone and Android users worldwide. In the coming months, the CallHero app will be phased out while we integrate many of their features, and brand-new ones, into Truecaller that will further the Truecaller experience and is in line with our vision of making tomorrow’s communication safer, smarter, and more efficient. Do you wanna be part of our journey? We are hiring!

Make sure you stay protected by updating your Truecaller App.

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Agnes Lindberg

Jan 13, 20223 min read


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