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Celebrating 1 Million Premium Subscribers

Lindsey LaMont

Aug 27, 20191 min readEdited on May 11, 2020

We are celebrating our 1 million paying subscribers globally, and have added a series of new spam-blocking features! 

Truecaller’s mission is to help make communication more safe and efficient. Think of us as a super app for all your communication needs! While our main features like Caller ID, SMS ID, and spam blocking are always free, for those that want to upgrade their game against spammers, we offer Premium upgrades!

Why 1 million people enjoy Truecaller Premium?

  • Ads-free Experience
  • Who Viewed My Profile: Get notified when someone views your profile
  • Call Recording: Record important conversations and hear them later (Not available in Android 9 and above)
  • Premium badge: Look professional when you call someone 

New spam blocking Truecaller features!

  1. Automatically updating top spammer list (Premium)
  2. Availability of extended top spammers list (in cases where users want to block low volume spammers) (Premium)
  3. Block hidden numbers (Free version)
  4. Block foreign numbers to prevent scams from other countries (Free version)
  5. Block all numbers which are not in the user’s phone book (Free version)
  6. Block 140 series telemarketers (This feature is for India users only) (Premium)

Lindsey LaMont

Aug 27, 20191 min read


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