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Support, request and feedback post


Aug 2, 20092 min readEdited on Jun 15, 2022

If you need support, want to ask a question, have a request or just want to tell us how you feel about Truecaller, please let us know in a comment to this post! Also don’t forget to read our Terms of Usage

Q: When I´ve installed Truecaller on my Windows Mobile device it says …

Terms of Usage

When I´ve installed Truecaller on my Windows Mobile device it says .NET framework is required. Where do I get it?
Get it at

Nothing happens on incoming calls, what to do?
If the incoming caller is stored in your phonebook Truecaller will not make a reverse lookup. The search will not be done

On incoming calls it can´t make a search, why is this?
Truecaller requires you to have 3G coverage or WIFI network available for lookup on incoming calls

Why does it say “No matches found…”?
In some countries many numbers aren´t public which means that we can´t get a match. In other countries the match rate might be much higher because more numbers are available publicly. We are doing all we can to get the best data source as possible.

Truecaller crashes on incoming Text Message/SMS. What can I do?
Open Truecaller–>Settings–>SMS Popup, disable this function. This may be unstable on some devices because of other 3th part applications.

Remember that the databases gets updated everyday which means that search results may differ from day to day so that the next day you might find a match on a number that you did not get a match on yesterday.


Aug 2, 20092 min read


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