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Truecaller Statement on Anti Virus False Positives


Dec 15, 20231 min read

Do not be alarmed by false positive reports about the Truecaller application. We have flagged this issue to all the respective phone manufacturers and the concerned anti-virus maker. False positive reports occur when harmless files are incorrectly classified as malicious by an anti-virus program. Rest assured that Truecaller is safe and the issue will be resolved soon.  

Hello from Truecaller

It has come to our attention that several users are seeing error messages or warnings about Truecaller from anti-virus software. This may come from a third-party application or something that is included on certain smartphones.

This is a false detection or false positive and we have also received acknowledgement of this from the anti-virus provider that this is an issue at their end.

The issue is being resolved as we speak and all affected users will stop seeing the error once the anti-virus software is updated. We expect this fix to roll out shortly. Please be sure to only install Truecaller from trusted sources like Google Play Store, Apple App Store, or from the Truecaller website itself.

To reiterate, there is nothing unsafe with Truecaller. You may safely continue to use Truecaller while the false positive issue gets fixed. Truecaller is trusted by hundreds of millions of users around the world and we can confidently state that we have always been 100% virus and malware-free. Thanks for your continued support!

// Team Truecaller


Dec 15, 20231 min read


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