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Watch out for fake charities and donate safely!

Agnes Lindberg

May 6, 20242 min read

Learn how to identify and avoid charity scams. Ensure your donations reach legitimate causes and stay informed with Truecaller’s latest tips.

 In times of crisis, from natural disasters to global conflicts, our urge to help is often exploited by opportunistic scammers. These fraudsters use things like emails, social media, crowdfunding sites, and cold calls to pose as charities. We collected all you need to spot the scam and donate safely. 

Charity fraudsters are not only asking for money but also for personal information which can lead to identity theft. In extreme cases, these scams even fund terrorist organizations, manipulating donors into unknowingly supporting dangerous operatives.

How to choose a charity wisely

When you choose to support a cause close to your heart, your contributions must be impactful and reach the intended charity. To ensure the integrity of your donations - a mixture of vigilance, financial wisdom, and digital safety is important. Here are some effective strategies to keep you safe from charity scams:

  1. Do your own research: Scammers often use names similar to legitimate charities to confuse donors. Always ask for the exact name, official website, and mailing address of the charity, then verify these details independently.
  2. Secure Your Payments: Be wary of requests for donations via cash, gift cards, or wire transfers, as these are red flags for scams. It's safest to pay by credit card or check — and only after verifying the charity is real.
  3. Don’t let anyone rush you into donating: Scammers often pressure people into making an immediate payment. In contrast, legitimate charities are happy to get a donation at any time.
  4. Don’t share your personal information: Avoid sharing sensitive information such as your Social Security number, credit card details, or any personal identification numbers. Only provide payment details once you have verified the charity.
  5. Change your mind: If there are any red flags or you are uncertain about how a charity plans to use your donation, consider donating to a different charity. Trustworthy organizations will value and use your donation effectively.
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How can Truecaller help?

Truecaller offers more than just our renowned Caller ID and spam-blocking features; we provide a fortress against fraud. Our technology helps you identify unknown calls and messages, allowing you to block scam attempts proactively, by both calls and texts. By using Truecaller, you ensure that only verified and legitimate communications reach you, giving you peace of mind and security when donating to charity.

At Truecaller we have made it our mission to build trust in communication. We do our best to help you navigate a world where fraud and unwanted communication are a part of your daily life. Stay updated about recent scams, and watch the latest YouTube videos on how you and the 374 million-strong community of people using Truecaller every month can stay protected. You'll find us on X, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

Agnes Lindberg

May 6, 20242 min read

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