Our Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy

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Truecaller is a privacy and security focused service. Pursuant to our mission to build trust in
communication, we are committed to being transparent and compliant with the laws of the countries we operate in.

In line with standard practices that global technology companies operating across multiple jurisdictions follow, Truecaller too keeps local
nuances like local data protection regimes, specific requirements set out by regulators in the jurisdictions, user preferences, and cultural
and economic considerations while framing our privacy policy and terms of service. This enables us to respond to local requirements in
an agile manner and in compliance with the relevant jurisdiction.

Each user is able to restrict processing of their data, to disable any of the optional permissions, to download an entire copy of their data or to permanently unlist themselves.

The rights and interests of our users are a priority to us, and hence we provide largely identical rights to all our users across geographies barring some specific rights or requirements in a specific jurisdiction.

To review the privacy policy that apply to you, please select your country of residence based on the international dialling code applicable to the phone number, or third party service, used to create your Truecaller account