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1. Download App

Truecaller is available on iPhone and Android devices, for free!

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2. Sign Up

Setup your profile so you can start using the app. It will only take a moment.

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3. Identify Incoming Calls

Know who's calling, even if they aren't in your contacts!

Truecaller has both - a free version of the app and the premium version. Only Caller ID and Spam Blocking is available with the free version, while you can enjoy ad-free, advanced spam blocking and much more with our premium subscription.

We would like to highlight that Truecaller is committed to making people’s communication safe and trustworthy.

We care deeply about our users and their data and would like to assure them that we securely handle their data and process it as per our Privacy Policy. We also track the data privacy landscape in the markets where we are present closely to make sure that we proactively adopt good practices and stand ready to comply with.

As a Truecaller user, you are in complete control of the information you provide to Truecaller and how it appears on the App. We always enable individuals to edit/change any such information simply by going to Settings >Privacy Centre on the App. If anyone prefers to unlist their number, we empower them to unlist it on their own.

Please feel free to reach out to us for any further information or clarification.

Think of Truecaller as a screening system to your phone. When you receive a call or a message, Truecaller identifies the call/message for you. It has been intelligently designed to understand even the nature of the call/message - whether it is spam or not! It has a 400 million strong community that helps in keeping communication safe and efficient across the globe. 

Truecaller Premium unlocks advanced spam blocking, ad-free experience. Not just that, you get to see who viewed your profile, a premium badge, announce calls, incognito mode, premium support and much more!

Truecaller APK is available to be downloaded from our website. It has all the functionalities of the app, and plus it is a secure download. We recommend downloading the Truecaller App via the APK or various stores it is available on:

  1. Truecaller APK from our website
  2. Playstore
  3. Appstore
  4. Huawei
  5. MI store
  6. Vivo
  7. Oppo
  8. Indus
  9. Galaxy

Truecaller APK can be downloaded from the website if it’s difficult to download from stores. However, it is recommended that it is downloaded from our website, as it is a trusted source for the APK file, rather than unknown websites, as there could be security issues. 

So from a safety point of view, download Truecaller APK here.

two phones showing identified incoming calls - one is a robocall scam and one is a person named "Ari Martinez"

Truecaller APK

Download Truecaller APK for Android.

Download now to know who is calling you and stay protected from spam and scams. Truecaller's Caller ID will tell you who is calling you and warn you about robocalls, scammers, telemarketer­s, and other unwanted or unknown phone numbers. The advanced spam detector and spam call blocker will automaticall­y block and protect you from fraudulent calls and SMS, and the phone numbers on this spam list are updated in real-time by millions of users worldwide.