Privacy Overview

Building services for the world means we have a responsibility to keep your data safe. We do not sell our users’ names or phone numbers to third parties because it is against our ethics. So that our users are able to use our app for free, we work with advertising partners such as Google and others listed in our app and provide trusted partners with caller ID services.

You have the power to control and protect how your personal information is displayed for others in the community. You can edit your profile in the app at any time or deactivate their account in the Privacy Center. For everyone else if there is any reason you do not want your information to be on Truecaller, it’s easy to unlist here

The world of communication is getting more complex, but we make your communication smarter, safer and more efficient. We make sure you understand what permissions are needed to make Truecaller work how you want.

We keep you informed about the data that the Truecaller app requires to function best for you. You can also choose to provide certain optional permissions (such as location, camera and microphone) depending on which features you use. You can always deactivate these permissions in the app or on your device at any time. Read more about which permissions are used to make Truecaller work, and why.

Truecaller was created to put you in control of who is trying to get in touch. When you register as a user, by default your profile details are private to users who search for you by name. Users who use name search cannot get your phone number from Truecaller unless you give permission in response to a contact request from them.

When you call or message another user, they will be able to see the name associated with your profile and other details if they click on your profile.

Terms and Conditions

Sets out the terms you agree to when using our service.
Read our Terms of Service for the EEA and Switzerland here and Rest of the World here.

Privacy Policy

Explains the information we collect and the purposes for which it is used, and how you can manage it

To review the privacy policy that apply to you, please select your country of residence based on the international dialling code applicable to the phone number, or third party service, used to create your Truecaller account:
Rest of the world (other than regions covered below)
EU, EEA, UK and Switzerland
California, USA
South Africa