Spam Blocking

Spam blocking has never been easier with Truecaller. The app automatically identifies robocalls, telemarketers, scams, fraud, harassment and more!

Truecaller runs in the background on your phone, working to identify your incoming calls or SMS and detect if it’s a known spammer. From there, you can block all types of unwanted calls and messages.

a phone showing an incoming spam call identified by Truecaller
37.8 billion
Spam Calls Blocked and Identified
182 billion
Spam Messages Blocked

Global Community-based Spam Detection

The app works in real-time with over 338 million users. Our community works together to protect each other by marking numbers as spam. 

You’re not just protected from domestic spammers. Our international database of spammers, which are reported by our users, is available for anyone who uses Truecaller to help reduce noise from unwanted numbers. This means that if someone marks a number as spam in the U.S., another person who receives a call from that number, say, in Germany, will see it’s marked as spam.

Call Blocking

Whether it’s setting up your own call block list, or allowing Truecaller’s auto-block take over, the app will stop unwanted calls in their tracks. With just a switch of a toggle, you can ensure call blocking for all top spammers, or even from numbers that do not belong in your phonebook!

someone holding a phone showing the tab for spam statistics for a specific spammer in the truecaller app

Spam Statistics

Don’t just block spammers, learn more about their calling patterns! Our unique spam insights will tell you what time a particular spammer is active, how many calls they’ve made recently, and their spam markings.

someone holding a phone showing an incoming spam call identified by Truecaller

Spam Identification

Create your own block list inside the app, or let our Caller ID automatically detect top spammers who have been heavily marked by our community. The Caller ID will flash red, and you will be able to see their name, location, and spam markings. Our Premium users will also be able to have the top spammer list updated automatically to help in auto-blocking top spammers at all times!


Let your family and friends know how Truecaller could help you.

two phones showing incoming calls identified by Truecaller

Trust your communication with Truecaller.

Trusted by over 338 million people, Truecaller is proud to be a leader in caller ID and spam blocking software as well as research around call and SMS harassment.