Spam Blocking with Truecaller

Spam Call Identification and Blocking by Truecaller
Spam Call Identification and Blocking by Truecaller

Experience seamless spam blocking with Truecaller. The app effortlessly identifies robocalls, telemarketers, scams, fraud, and harassment, making it easier than ever to keep your

communication space secure. Operating in the background on your phone, Truecaller identifies your incoming calls or SMS to determine whether they originate from a known spammer. Truecaller also makes it easy for you to set up call blocking or text message blocking from these spammers.

Explore Truecaller's Spam & Call Blocking Feature

Spam Call Identification and Blocking

Whether you create your block list or let Truecaller's auto-block feature handle it, the app will put a stop to unwanted spam calls. With a simple toggle switch, you can enable call blocking for top spammers or any numbers not in your phonebook. And if you haven't updated your spam list, Truecaller will still identify a spam call with a Red Caller ID, so that you know you don't need to receive the call!

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You Can See the List of Blocked Calls in Truecaller here

Block Top Spammers

Truecaller continuously updates its spam lists daily because spammers change numbers frequently. This free feature on Android automatically blocks the most problematic spam callers in your area, requiring no manual intervention on your part apart from initially switching the 'Basic' Block Mode On.

From the left top profile button > Manage Blocking > Turn on Basic Mode

Updated Spam Blocking with Truecaller

Fraud Detection of SMS

Protect yourself from deceptive SMS messages with the SMS Fraud Detection feature. When a fraudulent message is detected, you'll receive a red notification to warn you and keep you alert. The notification stays until you dismiss it, ensuring you stay vigilant. Truecaller also disables any links in fraudulent SMS automatically, preventing any potential harm. Access to the SMS is restricted unless you mark the sender as safe, providing an extra layer of fraud protection. Stay safe with Truecaller's fraud detection.

Fraud Detection of Text Messages by Truecaller

Create your Block List

Truecaller empowers you with the ability to decide whose calls or messages you want to receive. In addition to the various spam-blocking features available, these options allow you to create your block list:-

  • Block a phone number: Block individual phone numbers to stop calls and SMS from unwanted contacts.
  • Block a Message Sender name: Block SMS from specific companies using their name, preventing messages even if they use multiple numbers.
  • Block a Country Code: Block calls from specific countries to avoid unwanted international calls.
  • Block a Number Series: Easily block numbers from specific companies by entering a series of digits, automatically blocking all similar numbers.
Create your own Spam List with Truecaller

Auto-update top spammers

This feature serves as a safeguard by employing up-to-date information to shield you from possible threats. With automatic updates, the system ensures that even the most recently identified top spammers are identified as spam on your Caller ID. The continuous updating is designed to keep your protection up to date, adapting to the changing nature of spam calls. The spam list is specific to your region so that it’s the most relevant to you. Available for premium users.

Non-premium users can manually update the spam list on the app:

Open the app > Block Settings > Click on Update now.

Updated Spam Blocking with Truecaller

Global Community-based Spam Detection

The app operates in real-time, engaging a vast user base of over 368 million individuals. Our community works together to enhance protection by collectively identifying and marking numbers as spam.

Our safety expands globally; our international spam database, compiled from user reports, is accessible to all Truecaller users. Consequently, if a number is flagged as spam in one country, like the U.S., another individual receiving a call from that same number, perhaps in Germany, will be notified of its spam status.

Spam Comments on Truecaller App

Block Non-Phonebook Numbers

If you're overwhelmed by constant calls and feel like tossing your phone away, consider this a solution: keep your phone but block calls from numbers not in your phonebook. This way, you can enjoy activities like playing games and sending messages to friends without the annoying interruptions from calls you don't want to answer. This feature is available on Android only.

Block Phone Numbers not in Phonebook with Truecaller

Manage Block Settings

You have the flexibility to block incoming calls in two ways: one, by allowing the app to automatically reject spam calls, and two, by permitting the spam call to ring silently. Additionally, you can customize your experience by opting to receive notifications whenever a call or message is successfully blocked. This gives you the power to tailor your call and message management according to your preferences and stay informed about the actions taken by the app.

Truecaller Block Settings

Spam Statistic

Our spam insights can give details regarding the spam caller's activity. You not only understand where they are calling you from, but also which countries they are most active in, the time of the day they are most active at, the number of times they have been reported to also the number of spam calls they have made over a period of time. Go ahead and explore our insights on spammer activity which helps our global community to avoid and block unwanted spam calls.

Spam Stats for Spam Callers by Truecaller

Why Choose Truecaller as your preferred Spam Blocking App?

46.9 billion spam calls identified by Truecaller in 2023

230.7 billion spam messages identified by Truecaller in 2023

320.2 Million fraud calls and messages identified by Truecaller in 2023

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Over 400 million people have experienced the future of communication with Truecaller. Declutter your life with blocking unnecessary calls and messages with Truecaller.

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Other Amazing Spam Blocking Features Offered By Truecaller

Extended top spammers list:

For those who want further security from spam calls, even those numbers with a smaller spam report, this feature keeps an eye out. This call-blocking feature is intended to cover spam callers who may not have yet attained top spammer rank, in addition to focusing on top spammers. Users can block and stop even these less well-known but annoying callers from contacting them with this premium feature.

Block 140 telemarketing numbers:

Many spammers working in telecommunications are, in fact, legitimate telemarketers who, are required to utilize 140 numbers. This feature simplifies the process of blocking such telemarketers. This functionality is exclusive to Android and Premium users in India, facilitating an efficient and user-friendly means of managing and restricting communications from these designated telemarketing numbers. 

Block all international calls:

If you find yourself scratching your head wondering why anyone from abroad would be calling your phone, here's a solution: bid farewell to those international calls for good! With Truecaller, you have the option to take control and proactively block all incoming calls from foreign numbers. This feature, available exclusively for Android users, gives you the power to end those calls from foreign numbers that might not be relevant or necessary for you.

Block Hidden Numbers:

With Truecaller, you get to take charge of your calls, especially with sneaky “hidden” and “private” numbers. This feature empowers you to exercise your power and maintain control over your communication space. By allowing you to block all “hidden” and “private” numbers for free on your Android device, Truecaller puts the power back in your hands, ensuring that your phone is ringing only with calls that matter to you.

Our Premium Features

Advanced Spam Blocking

More features for in-depth spam blocking


Enable Caller ID and spam identification from Truecaller Settings

1. On your device, open the Truecaller app

2. Click on the profile icon in the top left corner > Settings > Caller ID

3. Click on Enable button in the Troubleshoot Caller ID section

4. Select Truecaller

Enable Caller ID and spam identification from device settings

1. On your device, navigate to Android Settings > Apps > Default apps

2. Select Caller ID and spam app

3. Select Truecaller


To protect yourself from Spam Calls on IOS please make sure that Truecaller has all Call Blocking and identification permissions:

  1. To Enable head over to iPhone settings
  2. Select Phone
  3. Select Call blocking and identification 
  4. Turn on all the switches for Truecaller as indicated
two screens - one for android and one for iOS, showing truecaller identifying an incoming phone call

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Trusted by over 400 million people, Truecaller is proud to be a leader in caller ID and spam blocking software as well as research around call and SMS harassment.