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Truecaller Assistant - Call Screening for iOS
Truecaller Assistant - Call Screening for iOS

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Caller ID

When an unknown caller calls you, Truecaller's Caller ID for iPhones will not just identify their name. Truecaller will also show you, where possible, the location of the caller, whether they are a business or not and a profile picture. With our advanced machine learning technology, we can even tell you whether it is likely an important call, or if it’s someone you might know. Now make informed decisions before receiving calls with Truecaller.

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Truecaller Caller ID for iOS

Call Screening by Truecaller Assistant

Our Call Assistant is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, is equipped with advanced technology for efficient Call Screening. By understanding callers' identities and the purpose of their calls, it effortlessly provides you with essential details, enhancing your communication experience.

Learn more about Assistant here.

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Call Screening Setup for iOS

Call Recording

Struggling to remember what was said in that call? Don't worry. With Call Recording on iPhone, you will never miss out on important details again.

Record both incoming and outgoing calls by merging calls right in your Truecaller app. You'll get recordings with crystal-clear sound. Choose where to back up your recording, either on iCloud or iPhone storage.

*Currently only available in selected markets.

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Recorded Calls Screen in Truecaller App


To make your messaging experience safer and easier on your iOS devices, Truecaller helps you filter all the received SMS into different categories.

For example, texts regarding any bill reminders or bank card spending will show in the transactions folder. Messages with deals, coupons or discounts will make its way to the promotions folder. And well, you can already make out where all the spam messages would be going!

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Messages in Truecaller for iOS

Integrated Dialer

The integrated live Caller ID allows users to identify unknown callers with the help of Siri. When receiving a call (not recognised by Truecaller), simply say "Hey Siri, search Truecaller" while the phone is ringing. Truecaller will then retrieve information about the caller and display it on the top of the calling screen within a second.

This feature is exclusively available to Premium subscribers of Truecaller.

Truecaller's Integrated Dialer for iOS

Safeguard your phone

Your phone is your house. You deserve to know who to let in. Let Truecaller effortlessly handle all your communication for a safe and efficient experience.

#1 Trusted Caller ID app

Truecaller was created to put you in control of who is trying to get in touch. Our features are built to be permission-based and opt-in. You choose how to use the app.


A simple, free app for a simple way to communicate. Use the settings to cater your communicatio­n experience how you want it.


Truecaller does the work for you. The app will identify the names of incoming calls or sms without you having to do anything.

Our Premium Features

No Ads

Enjoy Truecaller without any ads

Advanced Spam Blocking

More features for in-depth spam blocking

Who Viewed My Profile

Get notified when someone views your profile

All your communication in one app

Over 400 million people have experienced the future of communication with Truecaller. It’s time to start trusting your ringtone again.

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